Friday, June 22, 2007

We are no longer homeless

We found a house! It's in the middle of Bellingham, a mile from the church. Utilities are paid and it's a completely remodeled house with new floors and kitchen. Their are lots of kids in the neighborhood and not any through traffic. If we can get our deposit and rent before the work day is over we can get our keys today! If not we'll have to wait 'til Monday. Either way we're very excited!! God is good!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Takin' it easy

We're having a great time here in Portland/Vancouver. We've been with family...
... and more family...
... and more family...
... and more family.
We took a trip to the Zoo, too.
We've spent time with lots of friends. I'll just have to take more pictures of them! We'll be heading to our new home on Monday. I'm very excited!

Monday, June 04, 2007

"We are here! We are here! We are heeeeeere!"


It's from Horton Hears a Who...

We made it. We didn't die or crash or get any speeding tickets and if my memory is correct, which it sometimes is not, we never had to spank our children! Sounds like a great trip, huh? We drove straight up to Bellingham and, boy, is it gorgeous. Aiden's first words were, "Our city is beautiful!" When we pulled up to Sterling Drive Church of Christ Izzy said, "That didn't take much long!"
Our kids got to meet a lot of the church on Wednesday night and we spent the night with Aaron and Chelan Thursday night. Me, Chelan, and Christy drove back up to Bellingham to look at houses with a realtor and concluded by the end of the weekend that we will be renting! We are peaceful and excited about it and will be able to be in the size house we want. We looked at rentals on Saturday while we were their and will be looking again as soon as we are up there for good.
Emma seems to have lots of tummy aches in the midst of change, she has our last two moves, and so it's seeming more important for us to see our "peeps" here and get up to Bellingham by the sixteenth or so so we can move into a house asap. I know her tummy aches will probably continue off and on through the summer and as school approaches but the more stable the better, right?
Ben is on his vacation with his friends from Texas that he's had planned for the last year and he'll be back on Friday. I love all of you and look forward to staying in touch as we start a new chapter of our lives!!