Saturday, December 23, 2006

Meerie krismus!

If you don't get one of these for christmas you were jipped! Hope ya'll have a happy day and thank the Lord that Jesus was born so we all have an excuse to spend more money than we have and get lots of things we don't need.

On a sweeter note, Jesus was actually a little sweet baby. That's pleasant to think about. Do you think he would have taken a pasifier if they were available?

Word to the baby! Peace!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ahh, Buzzards!

That's what I encountered as I turned the corner onto our road... Why would there be buzzards? The answer is inevitable. Something has died... Sure enough, one of our precious sweet kitties lay there, dead as a doornail. It was shocking and wretched all at the same time. I had left just a half hour before to pick up Aiden from school and said good bye to our three kitties as they sat in there spots next to the driveway. Who knew in that short amount of time I would loose a precious catty (which is what Izzy calls them). What a horrible feeling to see buzzards picking apart your freshly killed catty. I bawled as I called Ben to ask him what I should do with it. Then I had to walk up the road to it and use a stick to push it's broken little body off the road. I really didn't want to see it's guts so I genuinely hoped the buzzards would come back for dinner but they haven't. Now I'm just waiting for a friend to bring their shovel and toss it over the fence so my kids don't keep asking to see it again. Sad and gross and sad again. My first death in the old country. We did make a little cross in rembrance of Suzie, God rest her soul.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Celebrate, one and all, in the birth of our dear friend Chelan. Today she turns 28 (just like me) and is one year closer to being older. "When are you older?" one might ask. That is something I, too, have been pondering. Is it when there's more silver in your mouth than white? Some could debate that. Is it when you have more skin than fat to fill it up? Some, too, could debate that problem. Maybe it's when you have a fair amount of grey hair. I'm afraid even that is debatable. Remember that one dude on American Idol that was totally grey? He definetely was not "older". What about losing memory? Then again, you could just be pregnant or it could be a coping mechanism to save you from horrible childhood memories. In that case, you might not be "older" at all! You know you're getting older when dinner time moves from 6pm all the way up to 3pm, and sleeping in means you wake up at 5:30am. You're probably getting "older" when you look at everyone around you and think "Why does everyone look so young?" If you thought to yourself just now, "I think that all the time," then face it, you might be "older" now!

Happy Birthday, Chezam!