Monday, February 26, 2007

The T.V. God

Life is great right now. Can anyone agree with me? I have at least one show to watch 5 out of 7 days of the week! Look at all these shows! And you'll have to agree with me when I say that Summers can be disappointing! Forced to think on my own and get off the couch. Hey, maybe THAT'S when I'll start exercising again! (By the way, I don't think I've ever spelled exercise correctly when adding an "ing". Figure that one out!I like more of an "excersize". See my problem?)

Anyways, what shows do you watch?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another Tragedy

Yes, folks something else occured today that left us empty. Well, left our yard empty. Well, in one particular area, at least.

The wind was blowing hard. Real hard.

I was coming back into the safety of my home when my husband pointed out something very sad.

Our pool was heading for Comanche...

Here you can see the poor girl plastered against the fence off in the distance.

Maybe we can rescue her.

I hope we can get to her in time!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

,m yyyyyyyyyy6 (typed by the cat that jumped onto the keyboard)

Let me talk about my cats for a moment. We have two now. One died a while ago. If I've said any of this before just pretend I didn't and act like it's all new and exciting! We have Stripers (grey and black and fluffy) and Suzie (black, not fluffy). When we got them each child had "their own" and Aiden desperately wanted Stripers to be a boy. "Can't we just pretend it's a boy?" he'd plead. Nevertheless, Stripers remained a girl. Suzie, on the other hand, not so much... Let me explain. When our neighbors gave us the cats he told us they were all girls. He was wrong. Emma had a friend over last month and her mother was over. She said," You know Suzie's a boy, right?" Of course I didn't know Suzie was a boy. Do you think I would have named Suzie Suzie if she didn't have Suzie parts? We were paranoid about a kitten population before that let alone actually having a male and a female! Veterinarian clinic, here I come! It's kind of tricky deciding whether or not to spend money on outdoor cats like this because who knows when they'll get run over or eaten by wild animals. It could be a real waste of money! But, the fact is that these cats our great. They're kind and fun and they play all over the yard, running up trees to the tip top and things of that nature. They like us and they try to hop in our car with us. They try to get in the house and they hang on the screen doors and windows looking in at us to say "hi". It's funny. We decided, they're worth it and so is not having to buy loads of cat food for a million kittens.

It's done. Their kitten makers have been removed or cut out or broken or whatever they do! The tricky thing is they're required to stay in the house for ten days. Are they going to climb up my shower curtain? Are they going to pee on my clean clothes like Ben's cats always did growing up? After talking to others around here I came to my own conclusion that they can go outside but for a minimal amount of time. They just have to stay clean and dry. The trick will come when it starts to rain. Will they use the litter box? Will they get stir crazy? I hate litter boxes. That's why I like outdoor cats!

So far we get clawed a bit more than we used to, not out of dislike, just a stretch here and there or a foot swipe underneath the dinner table. They lay around in the warm house absorbing the soft couch and the cozy beds. After I felt a swipe on my lip as I was falling asleep last night I decided to shut all our bedroom doors to prevent any problems or startling claws in the face. I still like our cats but I will be delighted when they can stay outside to their hearts content. I might even let them in the house once in a while... But I haven't talked to the husband about that yet, so...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Take a looksie

Emma and Izzy

Yesterday I was so desperate to take pictures that I paid Emma and Izzy to cooperate. These are the results. Aiden is next on my list but he definitely needs a haircut first!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Jehovah Jirah! My Provider! Will everyone please take note that I am blogging from my own bedroom! Jen is back in business! Beware what blogging may occur from this time forward. (Please note that I can never blog as much as Julia, I'm sure!)

As you may remember, I said I would be sharing about a book I read on grief. That will be forth coming. Unfortunately, we've had many in our congregation grieving as of late and I chose to share my great book. Since we all know how strong my memory is... I'm going to wait to give you an exeptionally accurate overview of this fantastic, yet short, book when I get it back.

Will you give a shout up to the big man on behalf of us and the many in our congregation suffering. I am getting more and more overwhelmed at the sudden deaths surrounding us. There are now three others besides Adam that have died tragically. What the heck?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

An update

Here I am. Alive and well. I wake up every morning. I get my kids ready for school. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. My life is continuing, just as it should. My friend Julia has a good way of explaining how one is doing by using percentages. In my case, I've had days that were 40% and days that were 90%. I have gone a few full days without thinking about Adam now. First of all, that doesn't make a day harder or easier, it just is... And second, do I feel bad for not thinking of him? My answer is no. I don't think of my mother every day but I love her and she is a part of me. There are friends I love but don't call and they are still just as much a part of me. So it goes as any deals with grief...

Today is a 90% day so far. I decided I'm not going to be my children's Sunday School teacher any more so I didn't have to be at church today until 11! We had a potluck at the church which I chose not to bring anything to because I end up leaving with most of it because there's so much freakin' food... So that was good. Then Ben asked me if I wanted to just stay at the church to work on the computer and he would take the kids on home. That's great, too. Ben's buddy, Wilson(not a volleyball), is coming over in a little bit for the Superbowl so it's probably gonna be a good evening, too.

My sister-in-law Jessics is really sick with her second child so please be praying for her and for Ryan who has to be Superdad. I can't imagine how hard it is for them right now!

You can also check out my friend Julia's blog. I have a link for it now. I set it up for her when I was snowed in at her house on Emma's birthday last month and today is the first day I've gotten to read it. Go ahead, feel sorry for me. :)

Stay tuned for a post on a great book my padres gave me on dealing with grief. It's a keeper and it's short!