Friday, March 13, 2009

Back in the day...

It's happened. I have noticed lately that, yes, people seem younger and younger. And,I have to think good and hard before deciding if one is in college or junior high because they look so similar. And I have noticed for some time that when I think someone is "about my age" I can assume that I am about 5 - 10 years older. But... here it is, the clencher.

When I was a kid, we only had phones that plugged into walls and it wasn't a collector's item to have a rotary phone still.

When I was a kid we pretended to talk on the phone, not to text. We didn't even know what that word was.

When I was a kid, there was no world wide web. Just mail. Like with stamps. (They're not just stickers...)

And, when I was kid everyone knew what a t.v. antennae was! I bought a new t.v. antennae to go with our digital converter box and the kid who wrung me up said, "What is this thing?"
I said,"You really don't know what that is?"
"Not at all."
"You've never seen a t.v. antennae?"
"I've had, like, an antennae for my radio before.."
"Wow, well, this is what they look like. Now you know!"

He's always had satellite t.v.! Hm!

When will my children get their own cell phones? Will they eventually have their own computer, too? When will I get my first digital t.v.? Will my kids learn what an encyclopedia is? Or just which search engine they prefer? Life is progressing. It makes me want to sing the song from Disneyland from the carousel of progress ride thing. "There's a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day. There's a great big beautiful tomorrow and it's only...."

Life is changing. We may be experiencing a crisis due to our bold decision-making but life is still moving forward. I shall try to keep up and not live "back in the day."