Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I finally have new pictures of my kids. Yes, dad that's what will be with your Father's Day card... We did them all while Ben was out of town and got them back right before Father's Day. You'll have to go to Jen's Photography blog on the side there to check 'em out! There are a few of Aiden that I think look like my dad when he was a kid!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

End of School

Friday was the kids' last day of school. There's mixed emotions, of course. I don't have to wake up to an alarm, thank heavens. But I'm with my wonderful children every moment of the day... All the arguments, the crying, the... fill in the blank. I am planning on having specific things for us to do during the day, fun things and things to help them learn and retain the things they've been working on at school. But this week I am trying to get caught up on my poor cleaning practices as of late because we'll be heading out of town on Saturday. Ben and I are going with the teens, as well as East County C of C, to Tuba City, Arizona for a mission trip through next Saturday. My kiddos will be going to my mom's for the week. So, I'd like to leave my house in state of orderliness as well as get all the laundry done that's backed up. And pack for 4 people.

But the point of this post was to show pictures of Aiden's kindergarten graduation and their last day of school.

Waiting to come in.
"Everybody wave to your parents. "
His kindergarten class
Getting another wave in
Great participation
Hammin' the cam
Special presentation
Good thing his mother never got distracted...
More good participation
"Thank you for coming. Thank you . Thank you." A nice bow.
The diploma
A picture of the kids with each of their teachers.

Monday, June 09, 2008

What do you think of?

When I say "bagel" what's the first thing that comes to mind?

What about "rain"?

We played this game at the dinner table tonight. It went something like this...
I: Som

D: pickle
A: tickle

D: plant
E: pot


D: cup
I: nup

D: elephant
A: peanut

D: fork
E: knife

D: boob
M: milk

D: light switch
I: night slitch

D: trash can
A: trash

E: light
D: bulb

D: shirt
M: cold

A: giraffe
D: walrus

We laughed every time Izzy did a rhyming word. Even after all the examples she had she said, "I just like rhyming!"
It was fun to play with them. The last game we played was telephone and Aiden kept getting mad when it would get messed up. Emma kept trying to explain that that is why it's fun to play. Sometimes we sing at the table, too. And then there's the times when we say, "Stop playing! It's time to eat!"

Just a dinner table for the effect... It's from last years Valentine's Day.