Sunday, July 29, 2007

A little of this and a little of that...

So, I'm not so glum any more and I thought it necessary to post anew.

This is Ben. He's away this evening spending time with friends in Portland for a wake on behalf of their good buddy Adam. I'm glad he's able to be there.

While he's been gone I've done some things around the house that really needed to get done! We have a downstairs. There are stairs that go down and then there's a door... That's pretty much it. We can stow some of our precious belongings on the other side of that door but other than that you'd probably rather turn right back around and go up the stairs again. Well, those stairs have been littered with boxes and knick knacks that we just don't need around right now or just don't have a home in the "real" part of the house. They all did have one thing in common... They needed to fit together in just the precise order on the other side of that door down yonder. TRICKY! Well, I did it. It's all in there. There's nothing on the stairs nor on the landing. Nada. It may not be the perfect order and the boxes may not be labeled as to the randomness within the box but gosh darn it nobody can see my crap because it's all hidden away! It feels good. Real good.

The other thing that I will do in the morning is vacuum. I do like to vacuum. it's one of my more likeable jobs around the house. (Not like the dishes which, with a dishwasher, aren't half as bad!) It might not seem very exciting to you that I'm vacuuming but we don't own a working vacuum so we have to borrow one EVERY time. It's nice that we have carpet that hides just about everything, except for the kids' carpet which is a nice shade of white. Big bummer. When we do get a vacuum we're going with an Oreck. We think they're good. I'll make sure to take a picture of it when we get one... in like two months. Until then it will be a vacuuming frenzy on the occasional "Borrowing Day". What's your more enjoyable task around the house? Hope this post was more cheerful. Until next time!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grumbly thoughts

You may have been a looker but you're sure not a poster so I'm moving on!

I have to confess I'm a little grumpy so if I sound ugly just assume I have the best intentions.

I got a piano tonight. I'm really happy. I couldn't play it very much before it got too late so that sucks. It's old and pretty and the tips of the keys aren't all broken off like my old piano. That's good. I want to write lots of songs. Hopefully I will.

I just read the fifth Harry Potter book and it wasn't the most uplifting. Death sucks. Loss sucks. Being stuck in a hard place sucks. In Harry's life and in my own... At least I'm not Harry... That's good. I've got parents and a great family. Nobody wants to kill me. Oh, and I'm not in school anymore! That's always good!

Since I was in such a sad place after finishing the book I thought, "Hey, I might as well watch the East County Memorial service for Adam now..." but I couldn't find it... Oh, well. I'm sure I'll come across it when I'm very cheerful and decide to put it off again... Figures.

I'll post a picture of my piano when I feel like it...

Or you all could get up here and visit me. My mom is the only one off the hook. (And Jess because that would be evil of me!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Camping at Lake Chelan

If you were expecting an actual picture of Lake Chelan you'll just have to look on the internet. My camera is too heavy for me to carry around all the time! Here is a picture of Izzy with her friend Victoria.Here is the fire master

This is Emma with her summer friend, Kelsey, who left to travel back to her home in Texas. We are thankful Emma got to be with her for the short time they had.

Ben washing dishes. I didn't wash a single dish... Lucky me...

The kids had fun drawing each others outlines with chalk. There were dead bodies everywhere!
We had a great time. The weather wasn't as hot as we expected but we made due and played games under canopies when necessary. We went tubing and rented a jet ski. We spent time together and ate together. Good times.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


I love camping. I grew up going camping and have taken my children camping since they were babies. Some of the best camping trips are doing nothing. Lounging on the hammock or reading a good book (well, not with young children around...)

I have so many great memories of camping and some not so great memories. I hate waking up soaked and freezing and feeling so desperate to sleep that I'd scoot as far away as I could from the puddle soaking into my sleeping bag instead of figuring out a new situation in the middle of a cold, dark night. I remember putting layers and layers of clothing on my little babies, socks over there little hands, because I knew they wouldn't keep there covers on. And there's the evenings when it gets cold enough that you'd sooner choose the warmth of a sleeping bag at 8pm rather than shiver by a fire. Then, of course, you wake up with your butt hitting the hard ground when it should have been high above it on a fully inflated air mattress. There's also the question of whether or not to share covers with your spouse or be in your own sleeping bag... Good times.

The there's the entertainment of animals nearby. The squirrels, the raccoons, the occasional deer, the skunks and a bear if you're really lucky! There's the campgrounds where you have to keep your food and even your toiletries in the car for fear of dangerous beasts intruding into your perfect vacation. We've woken up to the sounds of exploding pop cans. Then sending Ben into the darkness to scare away the raccoons who were not at all scared to be there. And you have to be careful, of course when leaving your campsite, to put up everything from lunch lest it be stolen by birds and squirrels. Fun...

What about food? Are you a simple, quick meal planner or do you make more elaborate meals than you would in your own kitchen, with your dutch ovens and your hot coals? Have you had a delicious cobbler for dessert after a great steak dinner or do you hot dog it and finish the meal off with the last bit of your Coke or Dr. Pepper? Quesadillas or peanut butter and jelly? We've done it all.

And then there's camping in a tent trailer which we acquired not too many years ago. Ahh, the feeling of being off the ground... It's nice, isn't it? Even the convenience of sitting on the side of your bed without your knees at your chest is refreshing. Now, I do like the tent trailer but am I not being consistent if I think that motor homes and campers aren't quite "camping"? Don't get me wrong, I love them. I love looking inside all of them and the electricity and the luxury is fantastic but if that's the only way you've ever camped then that's plain cheating!

On Thursday we leave for our church campout at Lake Chelan. We will be tenting it and dutch ovening it. I am very excited and anticipate when I will be done packing and can just enjoy sitting and fellowshipping with our newly found friends. Think of me and I'll pretend you're camping with me.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I have friends

Well, when we were on our visit to P-town I mentioned that we spent time with lots of friends and I never showed you any of those pictures. So, here they are.

This was a gathering we had at Jason and Rici's. Everyone gave me a hard time about being forced to take this group picture but I know they'll appreciate it down the road!!Emma took this picture for us at Cheryl's house.

This was at Rici's, too. Ben took this one.
All the girls.
I can post all the time now since I have internet!! You better check back every five minutes in case I surprise you! It's nice to be on line...

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Our fantastic new home

This is the front of our house w/ carport and large bushes!This is our large and beautiful living room including but not limited to nice wood vaulted ceilings and 2 walls full of windows with a gorgeous view into all our neighbors yards!
...And a view of the living room from a fresh perspective...
Here is the dining room and kitchen w/ sliding doors leading to deck in back yard. The railing at bottom of picture surrounds the staircase leading to the basement. The front door is to the right of this picture on the far side of the railing.
This is the back of the house including the back and side yard. A pain to mow but a joy to play in!
I would give all of you our address but that would be dangerous... We don't want any unwelcomed visitors. However, if we know you, you are a welcomed visitor. Please come any time. Arangements can be made by contacting us by phone or email. What a glorious place this is!