Thursday, May 11, 2006

The First Are Generally First

I find myself caught, often times, between my first-born tendencies and the maturity and wisdom that comes with motherhood. I watch my first-born child, Emma, and I am proud and angry all in the same moment. I, too, remember having the best ideas. Why would any smart person want to do anything different? Why would someone want to lay on a bed when I have made the greatest fort/bed ever? I watch my daughter manipulate Aiden, Izzy, and any other child around and I am embarassed at the things I have not taught her, yet amazed at the insticts, or whatever you call them, that she has to coerce people to follow her. Just yesterday I overheard Aiden being sad because Emma was suppose to take Aiden's sunglasses to school with her. Now if you know my children, or perhaps other children, you might realize that this is unusual for a child to want someone else to use something belonging to them. I heard Aiden say,"Emma, I thought you were taking my glasses with you! Everyone was going to think you're a movie star and give you lots of presents!" It was funny thinking that that idea might have come from Aiden. It added a new twist realizing that Emma had convinced Aiden to let her borrow his sunglasses when he obviously would not be interested in the idea, normally. I am sorry to say I never thought of that one when I was six. Posted by Picasa


KK said...

oh, kids! Gotta love 'em! So... do you think your mother is secretly saying, "you reep what you sow Jen!"

If your kids are half as fun as you, they're GREAT kids! Come on! YOU AND BEN = offspring! Fun times at your house!

tara said...

ah the beauty of manipulative kids... i, myself, being the middle child relate more to the aiden type. i always liked to follow the cool kids around and pretend i was one of them. me and aiden are like kindred spirits. i love that little guy!

Lori Ann said...

That sounds like Miss Emma!
I miss her.
I was the baby of the family. We are our own breed!

Christy said...

I'm the first child too...I can totally relate! My favorite statement used to be "I'll be your best friend if..." It used to work so well!!