Sunday, October 22, 2006

Campout the Bird

A Poem

This was my bird but now he's gone.
His life fell short...just before dawn.
Ben awoke and out of a deep, deep sleep
when fluttering and flapping but not a peep
did come from our bird so quiet and still.
What have we done? A bird, did we kill?
His normal habits were hissing and pooping
So such disturbance led Ben to some snooping
He searched around for some other source
but what he found led him to deep remorse
The noises had quieted because... it was dead.
Poor Campy was jammed in the corner on it's head.
What did we do? Or what did we not?
All we know now is an empty cage, we got!

Amen. And Amen.

God rest his soul...


tara said...

poor dear sweeet little campy...and poor you that you had to wear a pot holder to hold him! (but i like that pic of you- you look cas (pronounced-"caj" as in casual) youre so cute these days!

dodyb said...

Now he is a good bird.

Rizzle said...

pretty bird

Kristen said...

O poor Campy... Will there be another?

arwen said...

i sure hope you sold him to a blind kid, because I. Love. Dumb & Dumber.

Ben said...

Kristen,as soon as hell freezes over we will be at the pet store to buy another bird. And Arwen, it is with much sadness that I inform you we did not sell it to a blind kid. I didn't even give it a proper burial. I placed it in our garbage along with a poopy diaper and some mushy cereal. Boy, do I have some bad karma coming my way. I did, however, sing "Rocky Mountain High" as I took pour Campy to the trash bin. I've got that goin' for me.

kaydub said...

So how did the Metcalfs react to the news ... since it was their bird that you killed?
And remember Tara's bird that got dragged out of the aviary casket (garbage can) and left in the bushes nearby ... for weeks and weeks?

tara said...

i remember how scarred i was when i saw my dead rotten bird lying on top of that bush!

Anonymous said...

I will say, on behalf of the Metcalfs, then when you give something to the Ries' you really don't expect to ever really see it alive. It was with great faith in the resurrection that these wonderful people gave the bird, let's call him Campy, to the Ries'. When they heard the news they lowered their heads in sorrow, but not shock.

Let's just hope that the Ries' don't kill the church that the Metcalf's gave to them as well!

As you can tell, the Metcalf's are truly gospel people seeking the Kingdom and they have great faith that our common Lord is more powerful than the Ries'. Oh that more of the world would have this faith.

-Jesus (who speaks regularly for the Metcalfs)

Nana Lesa said...

And Ben wondered why we had so few pets when he was a child!!!!

Ben said...

Dear Jesus,

I was a bit shocked to read your post. Why didn't you bring this up when we talked earlier today during our daily time together? I do not understand why you chose to speak such things through a rather obscure website instead of talking with me first.

Also, I suppose my gratefulness for my family's current ministry situation was a bit misplaced. I was unaware that I should have been thanking the Metcalf's and not the almighty creator of the world. Should I also thank them for the miracle I experienced in the birth of my three children? Or for the beautiful sunrise and sunset I witness each day?

Your humble servant,

p.s. If for some reason you did not actually write this post, my apologies. I have a sneaking suspicion that some self-centered, arrogant, lowlife chose to speak on your behalf (as many well-intended Americans have done before).

Anonymous said...

Dear "Ben",

Oh dear sweet child, I am so sorry to say this, but I don't know your name. I don't think we've ever really talked, though I've tried many times. You see, you have been talking to yourself, son. I know this is hard to take, but it is true. There are some medications you can take to help with this issue.

About the Metcalf's, they are my special children. Really, they are an extesion of the Trinity and they speak authority and always in my name. They are, in effect, my will on earth. I would back off of them, if I were you, and quite killing thier gifts. Soon you might kill the spiritual gifts they have bestowed on your household. And yes, you should thank them for the births of your kids and for the rising of the sun (and the Son). Furthermore, sending them a little extra money wouldn't hurt. I hope to talk to you soon, son. Please pray in earnest soon...please...


Nana Lesa said...

I hate to be nitpicky...(but it seems to be my special gift), but it is really sad the Jesus seems to have a problem with spelling English words correctly. I think He meant 'Quit', not "Quite killing' and 'Their', not 'Thier gifts'. Could it be because English is not his original earthly language, the subtle nuances of English escape Him? Maybe he should stick to Hebrew (or Aramaic), which I am sure you will be glad to converse with Him in, son. Or....could it be that someone is masquerading as our Lord? Hummmmmmm???? Stay tuned!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the help, Lesa. Your reward shall be very great. It's hard for me to check on these things on my own due to my involvement with saving the world. Sorry about your son.