Saturday, December 23, 2006

Meerie krismus!

If you don't get one of these for christmas you were jipped! Hope ya'll have a happy day and thank the Lord that Jesus was born so we all have an excuse to spend more money than we have and get lots of things we don't need.

On a sweeter note, Jesus was actually a little sweet baby. That's pleasant to think about. Do you think he would have taken a pasifier if they were available?

Word to the baby! Peace!


Anonymous said...

ya know. aside from the time I crashed pepe(my first truck) I've never been as scared before as when I saw drunken durleen... somebody hold me please.

Nana Lesa said...

I am so totally pumped that you featured my Christmas present to you on your blog! Awesome. And everyone says you are so difficult to buy for.....what do they know. Of course, you do have to deal with the envy of all those who didn't receive such a special gift, but I know you are the person to do it. Merry Christmas!
Your loving mother-in-law

tara said...

aw, i hope that baby jesus really looked like that baby...he is precious!
mary kristmus jenny!