Thursday, March 01, 2007

18 to 36 months

So, I have to admit that there is an age that is my favorite age. Not a favorite age for me personally but in my children and others'. It's from about18 months to about 3 yrs old. It's during that time that they're learning so much verbally and they end up saying the cutest, most unexpected things and I just want to eat them up.

It's all about to end. In one month my 2 yr old turns three. Don't get me wrong, all of my children are very cute and they still say cute things but it's during that particular time that they learn all those words that at the age of 7 they still say wrong. Emma still says "bemember" and Aiden still says "renember" and it's all from being 2 yrs old. I love hearing Izzy's scratchy little voice say, "Yer da best, mom!" It was at two that Emma still said, "I wanna fatch(watch) a mooee(movie)." She also said,"Mommy, fwah" all the time and it took me forever to realize that it meant, "Mommy, look" or "Mommy, watch"... It was also at two that Aiden did his well known "funny man" which means he holds his hands out, fingers spread, teeth showing and shakes, on purpose. He would do it on command. He also loved food and even though he really wanted candy he found that grandma would be more inclined to deliver if he simply asked for a snack... "Just one," he'd say. How can you resist that? Just one, that's all! Then it transformed to, "Just two." One was definitely not enough! It's at that age that they say, "I wanna hold you." They don't really want to hold ME, I'm sure! It's also at the age of two that they like watching the same movie over and over and over for an entire month! (Or at least an entire week!)

Let's take Ella Metcalf as an example. At two it was, and maybe still is, the most meaningful thoughtful and caring thing to have one's tears wiped away. Whenever she was balling she would beg for a tissue to wipe away her tears. And to show how important it was to her, when Izzy would cry, Ella would run to the bathroom and come back with a tissue and wipe her tears. Isn't that what anyone would do? It was at that cute age that she called me "Gin" and Izzy's name went from "Eesee" to "Eesabeyel"(There's a Texan accent in there). It was also the same age that half way into watching a movie with the Metcalfs someone would notice that Ella was sitting quietly at the end of the hallway. She needed not make a peep, knowing she was still awake was sufficient for her.

Ya know, it's at two that they decide what they want to be when they grow up. They're filled with aspirations of the future. I remember when Aiden said he wanted to be a mermaid and a fire truck. And just last month Izzy decided that she wanted to be a snowman when she grew up.

I know so much lies ahead, but oh, what a time we had. Now we move on to the days of homework and bike rides and sleep overs. We work on saying "something" instead of "sumping." And they realize, "Maybe I don't want to be a snowman when I grow up."


Anonymous said...

That was precious, Jen, thanks. I wept at my computer when I read those stories.

I remember when Aiden wanted to be a ballerina, firefighter and preacher. Ben and I felt so honored to be put right up next to those other heroes of society in the mind of a young boy.

Or how about that time we had to come and live with you because our power was off. Ben was gone on some trip (who knows where…and who really cares?) and as I was going to the back bathroom to shave Aiden yelled out, “You can’t shovel with my dad’s…” (his eyes dropped and you could practically hear his brain cranking along). I said, “what?” And he said, “You can’t shovel with my dad’s…” (his voice trailed off and he looked thoroughly confused…even more than me). I finally said, “Do you mean shave buddy?” and he lit up, “YA! You can’t shave with my dad’s stuff.” I don’t even think Ben shaves, but that’s not the funny part, the funny part was that Aiden messed up his words…get it? Oh, I love that kid.

How about when Izzy (or was it Emma?) said that I was the greatest dad in the world, or something like that. Truth sounds so wonderful from the mouths of young children…right Ben? Maybe you should tell that story, given that truth also sounds wonderful from the mouths of losers. Love you guys.

Ashtin Hart said...

I want to be a snowman! I want to be a mermaid! Lola is just about to enter this age, and I can't wait. Thanks for sharing your memories... they are the best!

Jess said...

Jones is just starting this stuff. He is getting to have favorites for everything and wanting to make his own choices (today for example, he went to school wearing snow/moon boots with his jeans and polo). One thing he just started saying is "Poo Poo" in Winnie the Pooh. He gets a winnie the pooh vitamin every morning (which he calls candy) and now after breakfast first thing everyday he asks Ryan "PooPoo candy please". Yes...we will always call vitamins Poopoo candy.
The other word that is a new favorite is tuba. Which can only be said in a deep voice..."TWO-BAH"
They are just so cute.

Chezam said...

Now that Ella is well into the age of 3, it's like you say Jen, the cuteness begins to thin out. However, she still can't figure out how to get her little tongue and lips to cooperate and say "yo-yo" correctly. It always comes out (and I ask that everyone try to say this audibly... it's quite funny) "oy-oy" and I crumble to pieces laughing each time she tries.

Now that I think of it, there must be some better way for me to react to her mispronunications and frustrations that hilarious laughter. But for now I just can't help. Poor little kid.

PS. my word verificatioon for this comment is "feekux" and it kind of offends me Jen.

rici said...

That sounds like a really fun stage of life. My child is just now getting the hang of giggling and whenever he gets excited, which is about every 10 minutes, he puts is hand to his mouth like he's saying, "OOOHHHHH!!!" Lke what you say when someone gets made fun of. Curious to see what funny things he comes up with... Rici

Priscilla said...

I have loved every stage of watching Liam, but I think you're right that this short window of time is extremely fun and interesting! Liam calls icecream "awesome" and although we try to tell him the right way to say it, in my heart I hope that he will call it awesome at least until he's 8.

marmme said...

precious memories. Jen, i was remembering when you were about 18 months - when the phone would ring you would say "I'll get it!"
I just bemember fatching mooee's together with those sweet babies. The best.
mmmm . . . good times.

Christy said...

There are so many fun memories with your kids! Aris and I were just remembering today when Emma would sing "Jesus, lover of my Soul" at the top of her lungs and would ring out "I lub you..." It was my favorite part of the song! So cute! : )

~ Christy