Sunday, December 09, 2007

More snow for us!

Here's us having fun in the snow!
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Marta said...

that cracked me up! you're killing me with these!

Chezam said...

These things give me nightmares. But I want more. Strange... I don't have a new phone number yet Jen... but as soon as I do I'll give you a nice long phone call. I need to be in better touch with you! You need me! :)

Jen said...

I do need you. Why is it that our boyfriends have to talk every fifteen minutes and we go months without a single hello? We certainly have a deeper love than they possibly could. Maybe they're just at a different point in there relationship! A point we passed long ago. Isn't it nice to say we've been the longest and dearest of friends? Don't count the parts where we weren't seemingly friends because deep down, it was still there. All relationships have there ups and downs! Hopefully our boyfriends will never have a down, though. That would be more painful than I am willing to deal with. First it was Adam. I just don't think I could handle another trauma. If Aaron and Ben ever broke up the other could possibly die. Like a love bird without it's soul mate. This sounds very peculiar coming from his wife but it's still funny!

*My husband and Aaron are not bisexuals, just in theory.

**They're really just bff but us wives like to make fun of them.

***They like to make fun of themselves as well

Christy said...

That was hilarious!!!! : ) We're excited to see you soon when you guys get down here. I heard you're not staying as long as you thought, but that's okay. We'll take you as long as we can get!! Talk to you soon!

Priscilla said...

That was stinking funny!

Kaydub said...

Boy, you guys have alot more snow than we ever did down here. You guys really know how to play!
Fun times.