Monday, March 10, 2008


Sometimes I'm not very patient. Do you know who the perfect example of patience is? "Jesus", you may think. He is a good example, don't get me wrong but, honestly, did he ever have children? Can you really test patience accurately? I'm not so sure. The greatest example of patience for me is Ruby. You know, on Max and Ruby? Granted, she's not the mom but, seriously, if my kids even had her patience this would be the most pleasant house in the world. She is so freaking patient, it's amazing. Max does things over and over and over again and she softly teaches him and explains what she would like his actions to be and rarely, if ever, gets frustrated. A-maz-ing! I know I could have put something from You-tube on here but I 'm not set up yet and I don't have time. So check 'em out.


Lori Ann said...

Max irritates me! Maybe I need to be more like Ruby. LOL
Caleb loves Max.

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Kaydub said...

Jen! Ruby is a metaphor FOR Jesus!