Monday, July 14, 2008

Great Goodness

This is the great goodness post. A post filled with all good things.
These are not in order.

1. Bellingham parks- Whatcom Falls in the center of Bellingham

2. Camping- We leave on Thursday to go to Perragin Lake for our church campout. I'm excited.

3. Sun- We're getting lots of sun. Different tan lines every time I step foot out the door.

4. Quick trip to Idaho- Our church is a part of a group which is meeting in Caldwell in two weekends. There will be a number from our church attending and I'm glad to be learning more and being with people I like. Not sure at this moment if the kids are coming with or if they're staying in town.

5. Tara, Eric and Malak- They're coming to the NW! I'll get to meet one of my new nephews and I'm so excited! It will be good to see all my other family members, too!

6. Bryan and Tracey and boys- They're going to live in Bellingham for a month! Maybe they won't be able to leave!

7. Andy and Yannick and boys- They're bringing my other new nephew all the way from Switzerland! I'm so grateful they are able to come here. Hopefully they will move to Bellingham permanently very soon.

8. More fam- Almost all of the rest of Ben's family will also be here to visit.

Oh, there's more but it's nap time for me! Too much sun, maybe. :) Be prepared for campout pictures soon!

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Eric & Tara said...

We are coming in mere weeks! Or a mere month! We will have the best time of our lives. Except for the other best time of our lives when I lived with you for a few weeks after AIM and all we did was lay by the pool all day and try to swim without plugging our noses and make delicious dinners...those were the best days of our lives...