Monday, August 18, 2008

What the...?

Do not use this pick-up line!

"Since we just met I should probably go ahead and feel your uterus."


My doctor said that to me today. I laughed out loud. I even repeated what she said. That was a good one!

I also laughed after she left the room because I had been explaining that I was taking colloidal silver and that I thought it was preventing some problems for me. I explained what I believed it to do and why and she said, "It's interesting that nothings been reported on it if it works so great!"

You dumb medical doctor! I hate how people choose to be selective to their particular practice! There are some amazing homeopathic methods and whatnot and I will not be swayed! Chiro's think their way is the only way, acupuncturists, medical doctors, homeopaths... and on and on. Let's be well rounded, okay?


Lori Ann said...

Amen sister!

Ben said...

Why is it that whenever I say that line to you, you never laugh? In fact, you just act irritated and tell me that you're too tired.

Midge said...

I am 276% jealous of your new look.

and thats no lie.
ben: sick.

Eric & Tara said...

I feel the same way! Why can't we all just get along??
There is a glorious book called, "Smart Medicine For Healthier Living" and it has tons of different health issues and then below it has like 6 different responses- one from a conventional medicinal point of view, a homeopathic, herbal treatments ect ect. It is great, I just ordered it from Amazon and if you get a used copy it is only 8.88! Go buy it!
Also, there is one for children and one for adults. I got the childrens one so that I know what to do about all of Mal's issues, but am going to get the adult version soon too.

Jen said...

Tar, I already have it! Yannick keeps telling me I need to get the adult version and I very much believe her. It's Awesome!

Thank you very much, Midge. It was my second attempt at perfection and I am mucho contento!

Ben,I do have a bad memory these days. So when someone I don't quite remember meeting before asks to feel my uterus how else would you like me to respond? What if someone else came up and acted like they were my husband? Would you want me to respond any other way? I just feel like it's best to be consistent... Just in case!

Jen said...

oh, and I probably am too tired as well.

Kaydub said...

Jess and Ryan need that book too. I get dibs for Jess' birthday! Don't read this Jess.