Monday, February 02, 2009


Best Friends Forever... That's how Ben and Aaron will remain. Throughout life. No doubt.

And now a song:

When you're the best of friends
Having so much fun together
You're not even aware, you're such a funny pair
You're the best of friends

Life's a happy game
You could clown around forever
Neither one of you sees, your natural boundaries
Life's one happy game

If only the world wouldn't get in the way
If only people would just let you play
They say you're both being fools
You're breaking all the rules
They can't understand, the magic of your wonderland

When you're the best of friends
Sharing all that you discover
When that moment has past, will that friendship last?
Who can say? There's a way!
Oh I hope... I hope it never ends
'Cause you're the best of friends


Anonymous said...

Tears, tears for my best friend. Thanks for the post J! I loved it. Those pictures brought back many great memories. I'd like to thank, in all seriousness, both you and Chelan for letting us be best friends. I don't think that's always the easiest thing to do!

Also, it's very true as the song there said, that Ben does not know my natural boundaries. That's very true.


Chezam said...

I am so proud of my husband for controlling himself and not saying anything off color in the previous comment... good choices like this are what give you more privileges later--like even more time to spend with Ben!

I honestly don't know two friends who love each other more.

Ben said...

Very sweet, babe. As Aaron said, thanks to both you and Chelan for your graciousness, mercy, and thick-skin when it comes to the two of us.

AddysMommy said...

I must say I am singing the song "Guy Love" in my head from Scrubs. If you haven't heard it you must Youtube it. I'm pretty sure it is Ben and Aaron in a nutshell.

Kaydub said...

Those two refresh me. Add you and Chelan to the mix and I get downright proud.

Jen, you're the best thing I ever thought of. I love you and yours.

Anonymous said...

So I just checked in with your blog again and I thought, "She STILL has this post up?" and then I thought, "Why would she EVER put it down?" May it be a tribute forever. An alter unto the world of an everlasting union. Thanks Jen. You are prophetic indeed.