Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To live or not to live? I'm all over it!

I have been completely overwhelmed lately at my desire to be creative. I don't know if it's just that I'm in a better place emotionally or what but it's all I can think about. I have all these ideas that go through my head. I want to take pictures. I want to print and mount creatively all these different pictures on my walls. I want to paint all these different things in my head. I'm just bubbling at the seams. (Can you bubble at the seams?) Well, I can!

Anyways, the kids are just about to start school in a couple days and I am so excited for an empty house. I'm excited to have my quiet time at the beach by my house. I'm excited to exercise. I'm excited to only have one pick up time in the afternoon for the kids instead of three. I'm excited for my lunch time not to be interrupted by picking up Izzy from school. So much awaits me and I just want to be thorough and not leave things undone. I want to be able to focus all my energy and do things well. I want to unpack thoroughly and condense and repack the things we don't need right now in our smaller house. I want things on my walls. I'm just so excited about life. Whoopee!

Here are some of the things I've had printed to put up in our home. They're mounted on a special 3/4 in foam board. I've got another really cool one I'll post as well as pictures of our house. But you might have to wait a week or so. I do have to attend Faith Quest which I am also very excited about! Maybe I'm really back to blogging now. Only my posting will tell!


Chelan said...

Totally awesome photos! They're you. They're unlike anything else. They're beautiful. Love it! (Can I join you and have my kids all be in full-time school?)

Anonymous said...

Love the photos - as always am blown away by your talent. (By the way - hard to read yellow print on brown background). Enjoy the kids being in school. Working on possible being there for Ben's birthday party, but want it to be a surprise if it works. Will call you later.