Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day! We stayed after church and had a little snack and social hour with our own version of the Newlywed game that was fun for everyone. Once we got home we decided to get the house picked up as quickly as we could so we could have time to go to the movies together before it was time to make our special Valentine's dinner. We saw The Tooth Fairy and it was cute and fun and a special thing to do together.

Back in the days when we lived in Sidney we decided to make our Valentine's Day a family event. With children, it just doesn't seem easy to do something just as a couple because all those without kids are freely going and celebrating their own special day, which leaves us with no babysitting. :) Why not just make it special for everyone?

This year, the kids went shopping with me and we chose to have fillet minion, pink mashed potatoes, pink applesauce, green beans and chocolate covered strawberries. We set our table with our fanciest and picked the appropriate flowers to go with all the sweet valentine's the kids made. And don't forget, lighting is everything and we are big into setting the mood. Any time we've dimmed the lights and lit the candles in the past the kids have attempted to give us the perfect restaurant title but they must have forgotten or are just getting older...

It was a fun day and a special way for us to celebrate how much we love each other!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Family Fun

I'll have to say that some of my greatest memories are having fun together as a family. I do love having my camera out every so often to capture fun times like playing at the park. These pics are at a park near our house.
You'll notice Ben's butt barely fits in the slide...

This moment was full of laughter because Ben was playing tag with the kids and he had just tagged Aiden. Unfotunately Ben's arms were long enough to tag Aiden right back if Aiden attempted to tag him. the little guy thought he had a chance...
The good old "spider" on the swings.

It's always important for me to remember to make silly memories like these. I am planning on doing something fun for the fam on Valentines day. We'll see what I think up!