Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Here we are

Life has been a huge whirlwind. The everyday life mixed with a lot of visiting Ryan and Jess, hosting Andy and his family for a month plus bonus family members, photography, mission trip, more visiting with family and friends, camping with family, Emma's first summer camp, new pta duties, Faith Quest. The list goes on.... All those things are just things until you mix in a whirlwind of emotions with regards to Ryan's health, Jones' health, Jess and the entire families well being and mental state. Then just having all those places to be while laundry continues to pile, dinners have to be thought about and actually prepared... You get the picture. It's been a loaded three months. And now... Now, the kids have all started at new schools. Emma at her new middle school and the other kids at Wildwood Elementary next to our house. No more dropping off and picking up children. Emma rides the bus and the other two walk. But even now, as life seems simpler and the days have routine, the sun begins to disappear. What seems to have brightened my spirits as the birds chirped and the sunny crisp air wafted through the window is now dreary and dark. All of this is such a reminder that nothing is constant save for one. My hope in despair, my light in the darkness, my strength in the storm. I just don't get how people can go through life without the hope of life in Jesus. Life where communities care for each other. Life where the helpless are helped. Life full of mercy and love. Crappy things are going on all around me but I have to have hope that through each curveball, He will hold me and the hope is that others will see a redemption story lived out. Over and over and over. If we can't witness God's redemption and love story to us, the world, amidst all the crap thrown at us, then what is the point of being here? I really think that God's whole plan is to redeem us all, in the midst of our lives. Over and over and over. So, bring on the rest of September. Let's do this.

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Chelan said...

Just read this tonight for the first time. Keep writing. It's important stuff. I find meaning in the meaningless when I get to hear your thoughts.