Thursday, July 26, 2007

Grumbly thoughts

You may have been a looker but you're sure not a poster so I'm moving on!

I have to confess I'm a little grumpy so if I sound ugly just assume I have the best intentions.

I got a piano tonight. I'm really happy. I couldn't play it very much before it got too late so that sucks. It's old and pretty and the tips of the keys aren't all broken off like my old piano. That's good. I want to write lots of songs. Hopefully I will.

I just read the fifth Harry Potter book and it wasn't the most uplifting. Death sucks. Loss sucks. Being stuck in a hard place sucks. In Harry's life and in my own... At least I'm not Harry... That's good. I've got parents and a great family. Nobody wants to kill me. Oh, and I'm not in school anymore! That's always good!

Since I was in such a sad place after finishing the book I thought, "Hey, I might as well watch the East County Memorial service for Adam now..." but I couldn't find it... Oh, well. I'm sure I'll come across it when I'm very cheerful and decide to put it off again... Figures.

I'll post a picture of my piano when I feel like it...

Or you all could get up here and visit me. My mom is the only one off the hook. (And Jess because that would be evil of me!)


Kaydub said...

And your dad ... because he gave you life, and because he finds you particularly amusing EVEN when you're grumpy and sad and dull and irritated and gloomy and dismal and heartrended.

sarah said...

ooh I just finished the seventh book. Keep reading it is very wonderful. She is a great writer.

Ashtin Hart said...

Lola and I would like to come visit you. Or perhaps we could meet at the kangaroo and Christmas tree farm!?! Summer is a hard time since people travel so often. I am currently planning a trip to Utah. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I want to get to know my cousins. I mean, we are practically neighbors.

Eric and Cheryl said...

Jen----Good News is coming your way!!! Christy and I are planning on coming to visit on August 17-19th. It is on the calendar, let us know if that will be OK. I can't imagine you saying no after your sad post...I hope you will be happier as you anticipate our visit.

Love you and miss you

Christy said...

We're coming...we're coming!! Hope you're ready for your house to be invaded with kids. We miss you & can't wait to see you soon!!!
Love, Christy