Saturday, August 25, 2007


Remember when I said I like balls? I like softball. A few weeks ago for our Wednesday night church we met at the park and played softball together. The last bit we let all the kids take turns batting and running the bases. It was so cute watching them try and hit the ball. Then, as soon as they hit it we would scream, "RUN! RUN!" and they'd run for dear life. They had a blast. Here are pictures of my kids taking a turn.

I love that I have my own mit. The first mit I owned got left at Delano Bay by Adam Langford the weekend we had Izzy and the Langfords took care of the high school retreat for us. This is my second one and it definitely didn't get used enough this summer. That's for sure. I need to to throw a ball today. I won't because it's raining but maybe tomorrow. Let's have a ball throwing day tomorrow. How many of you will throw a ball? I will!


tara said...

i though the pic of aidan was so cute...and then i clicked on izzys!!! so funny!!!

Chezam said...

Man, Aiden looks like a pro!!!!!!! Cutie pie. Ella said he looks "SO big" and Izzy looks "a little bigger than me now." I love that you can see their expressions. I am going to play ball today. Thanks Jen. You're an inspiration.

Jen said...

I did it. I threw a BOB veggie tale baseball with my friend Julie. The day actually got away from me and we were never home the whole day. BUT... I remembered and I also realized my glove was in my car! It was great. I tried throwing it fast pitch softball style a few times ... It didn't work out too well. Mmmmm... balls.