Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brenda Louise Woods

Today my mother turns 50. I haven't been around all those fifty years but I have been here more than half.

My Marme

Cuddling, hugging,
sitting together, reading a book
walking, talking,
standing in the kitchen, learning to cook

Teaching, learning,
sharing some deep thoughts
laughing, crying,
sneaking out and getting caught

Weddings, babies,
playing games at your house or mine
late nights, hospital visits,
talking on the phone , losing track of time

Mailing, driving,
living in the same state
friendship, my mother
No one could be as great!

I love you. Happy Birthday!

May God grant you with peace and comfort and may you dwell in the love that he has given you in us.


Ben said...

Happy birthday, Brenda! I couldn't have picked a better mother-in-law for myself or grandmother for my children. Blessings!

Kaydub said...

Ahhhhh ... You two are SO refreshing! (Hey! NICE photograph! Who took that?!)

Jen said...

when I first read the "Ahhhhh..." I took as more of an iritation "Ahhh" so I had to start over when I saw the word "refreshing". Isn't it funny how one can be so misunderstood. :)

And speaking of refreshing, isn't refreshment nice? I mean, do you ever not like someone who's refreshing? Do you ever not want a refreshing beverage? I suppose some prefer to torture themselves and refuse refreshment but let's make them the exception to the rule!

Ahhhh... Refreshing...

Even saying it feels good.

Kaydub said...

I certainly feel refreshed! Thanks guys. That was like my favorite poem ever!


Chezam said...

I love Brenda Woods... always have. Always will. Happy B-Day.