Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Kid Times

Have you ever wished you had a different name.? I've even known of people who changed their name once they were allowed. Well, Izzy and I were walking down the bus stop to meet Aiden and Emma and I posed the question to her.
"Izzy, if you could change your name and pick a new name, what name would you pick?"
She replied, "Izzy with Dicky."
"What was that? You want your name to be Dicky?"
I couldn't stop giggling.

Emma chose Lizzy for her name and Aiden chose Harry Potter.

Emma is a pretty cool kid. She tries to wear cool stuff and she's funny and nice to her friends but I am still amazed sometimes because everyone seems to give her things. She has come home from school with pictures, of course, drawn by all her friends and then cute hair rubberbands, head bands of all sorts, pens, pencils, magnets, toys, candy and the list goes on. I feel like I am constantly asking her where she got such and such. Half the time I ask her if she asked them to give it to her. It's what she does to her siblings when I'm around so I can only imagine she does the exact same things when I'm not around. Sometimes I am amazed at the things she convinces her brother and sister to give her. And, mind you, no one is ever crying!
Let me take you on a slight detour and we'll come back around to this subject. Emma has a friend named "Tanya", we'll call her. Well, a while ago Tanya told Emma that she was moving. Emma was sad. Then she told Emma that she was moving the very next day. Emma continued to report to me her tragedy. Then she told Emma that she was moving next week. Then she told Emma she was moving Wednesday. Then she told Emma that she could come to our Harvest party. Then she told Emma that she had her own Harvest party. Then she told Emma her family was rich and she said if she could she is going to bring her a hundred dollars today.
How cool is that? I think she will. 'Cause everything Tanya says is true! How many kids do you know that get presents from their friends all the time and get 100 whoppin' dollars. Emma is awesome! Guess that means I'm awesome! Awesome!


Jess said...

Dicky. Who wants their name to be Dicky? I love her!

Eric & Tara said...

Izzy Dicky Ries. I like it. Classic.

Man, you guys got lucky with "Tanya"...she sounds like a great friend. I had a friend who was a habitual liar- in high school. She told me that she had a 2 year old kid...but the picture of him was a postcard. She told me that she was the star in the Nutcracker at the Portland I went, she wasn't there....she was a great friend. If she would have given me a hundred dollars, then she would have been a great friend!

Chezam said...

Jen, I'm a little surprised right now. I had no idea Tara could tell that was a postcard.

Anonymous said...

Dickey is my mother's family's name! I like it! (Remember all the fun we had with them in Brownwood?) Have a great day.

Laura said...

"Tanya" sounds like a real jewel. :) The name Dicky is FABULOUS! Aren't kids so darn funny.

I saw your message to me on Tara's page. Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement on me, they have been few and far between. :) Yes, I'm planning on BFing our adopted baby. I BFed my other 2 and the bonding experience was amazing. Not to mention the convienence of built in bottles. ;)