Monday, February 11, 2008

Family night at the Soc Hop

We planned on going to the soc hop at Emma and Aiden's school together on Friday before Ben left for Africa. Unfortunately, Izzy had a fever all day that day so she and Ben stayed at the house and had root beer floats, instead.

Emma's friend, Cimone, moved to California today so we crammed in as much time together as we could. She came to the soc hop with us. It was her very best friend here.

This was one of the times Aiden had fun during the evening. Most of the time he was crying about something or just grumpy. He was happier thinking about dancing at the soc hop than he was while we were there...

Here's Emma doing the limbo. She didn't win.:)

This was the only picture I could get Aiden to stay in. That was his face the whole time. Unless he was crying.

We had pizza and pop and root beer floats. They did a cake walk. Emma won. Not Aiden... They bought some raffle tickets to win a huge basket of stuff. We were in the wrong room when they called the winners... Maybe we won, maybe we didn't.

It wasn't the family event we planned on with some of the family at home, but Emma and Cimone had fun. The funny thing is, Aiden said he had fun when we got home!


Kristen said...

The last picture of Aiden frowning, really, Really cracks me up.

Kristen said...

I heard this guy on the Today Show this morning while I was at work. I was impressed. I thought you might like it. His name is "Ferras." Here's a link to the video from the today show.