Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A couple quick stories

I was making my rounds to the kids' bedrooms cutting everyone's nails. I was working on Aiden and saw he had some hangnails and thought it would be nice to get them trimmed off. He stopped me quickly, " Mom, no! It's my skin collection!" I laughed and laughed and after I calmed down he quickly said, "Mom, don't tell anyone!" He doesn't always like us to tell funny things he says after the fact. It's enough that he lets us laugh while it's happening instead of crying like he used to!

My kids have watched Newsies fairly recently and turned on Little Women this morning. I heard Aiden announce, "Hey, that's Jack Kelly!" I was surprised that he would remember his name because it has been many weeks since we watched it so I told him how surprised I was and his response was... "I never forget a man when I see a man!"
Like, duh, mom!

What a memory.:)


Eric and Tara said...

LOLOLOL "I never forget a man when I see a man!"

Rizzle said...

I just love that little guy!

btw - we are having a surprise snow tonight - there is already like 3 inches! Crazy good!

Kaydub said...

And renember when that little man crawled in bed with me to watch cartoons? You should keep all those kids!