Monday, December 01, 2008


In all the chaos of packing and moving and Andy and Yannick moving here to Bellingham and unpacking and Cindy's death and overdue homework and cleaning our old house and unpacking we were suppose to be ready to host family for Thanksgiving! As long as you didn't go in the garage we looked ready for company! We had our meal at Andy and Yannick's house and spent time at our new house as well. My parents came up as well as Ryan and Jess and Art and Lesa. It was great to have everyone here in Bellingham! Here are some pictures of our week.

This is the view from A and Y's living room, dining room , kitchen... It is spectacular.

Jason, Jones and Cody enjoying the fire
We invited Bruce, a guy from church to share T with us. Here they are being entertained by Ben.
The entertainment
Sneaking a peek at the mashed potato process
Taking a picture of ourselves in the mirror
Izzy and India
Some of the cousins on the "fatboy"
Silly Emma

We had sickness and injury but besides that it was fabulous. Now to gear up for Christmas!


Kaydub said...

Yes, it was glorious! (except for Aiden's ear ache, Emma's fever, Jen's sore throat, Ben's recovering Strep, and Jess's concussion!) In spite of all that - we had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Bellingham!

Jen and Ben's new house is so beautiful!


Kaydub said...

Nobody could have guessed that you'd only JUST moved into that gorgeous house! It looked very "settled."

(Now, if I could just get your mother to sign in on her own identity!)

Kristen said...

Hey! Will you make Ben take more than 25mg of Benadryl at a time. And he could also take some other kind of anti-histamine (like allegra or claritin or zyrtec.) I am concerned for his health and well being. :)