Thursday, August 06, 2009

Summer Fun!

I wish I had lots of recent pictures and I think I should be taking more pictures than I am but if I have to cart Ellie around ( the baby I watch) I kind of have enough extra things to worry about. I'm going to start taking more. Plus, I need the practice! Here's some pictures from Fourth of July at our house.

This is a puppy that our friends were watching. The kids have a lot of fun trying to play with it. He's kind of lazy so sometimes their efforts are wasted!

We got a slip and slide. It took a while for all of my kids to get the hang of it. The first time we set it up Emma and Izzy didn't think it was much fun at all. Sounds familiar. :) Once we pulled it out again and we had the cousins over, they realized that it was more fun than they thought. Jayson was a pro from the beginning and Cody wanted to be a pro but he would just run and jump and slip at the beginning of the slide or run half way down the slip n' slide. You can see that Yannick started just pushing him.

Here's my nephew Dylan. He's getting so big and can get around now. He's such a happy little guy. I'm sure I'm going to be shocked after having been away from them for a month. They are visiting Switzerland and will be back in less than two weeks.

As a mother, sparklers terrify me! "Here's a stick of fire that will burn you and spits out flares at you. Enjoy!" I seriously let my kids do one sparkler. That's it!

We had a nice 4th. Even though it's "so last month" it's a new post. So there!

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Eric and Tara said...

I say any post is a good post. Everyday I wish Malak was old enough to enjoy a slip and slide. Everyday.
You need to post about that Rats!