Friday, June 05, 2009


I love forts! I am what you would call a fort lover. A blanket and some accessories make the best play time ever.
I'm not sure if it was Ben's idea or the kids' idea but on a sunny morning the kids transformed our wonderful new trampoline into a secret little home. The cousins were over and it was fun times.
When the cousins needed to lay down for a nap we let our kids have quiet time in their fort. They read books together for an hour and a half or so in warm fort bliss.

I used to love taking naps in the forts we made. I remember many specific forts, too, from growing up. I remember the houses we lived in, the way the chairs were arranged, the secret entrances. Sometimes, I would make the greatest little fort and neither Ryan or Tara would want to sleep in it! What the crap? Why would you want to sleep on the floor when you could sleep in my fort? Sometimes older sisters on NOT appreciated! (I obviously had been a little too bossy to want to take a nap with...)

I remember making forts at the Sherk's house( our close friends/"not-really-cousins" cousins). Sometimes we made two because how can six kids sleep in one fort? Funny enough, when I think of forts I think of the Sherks. And we never lived really close when we were little but we always managed to make time for each other... Maybe next time we take our kids to their house we'll build them a great fort... Ahhhhh...forts.


Eric and Tara said...

I love the last pic of the kids reading- all of their little legs crossed. Cuties.
I have been thinking lately that Mal might like his first fort. He plays under the kitchen table a lot these days... I think I need to throw a sheet over it and play in there with him... Yes, consider it done.
Thak you for this inspirational post. :)

Melissa Sherk said...

That is the best blog ever. (And not just cause we were in it.) I feel the same way. I loved our forts!!! And I think of you guys, when ever someone says the word "fort"!! But i think that you have upgraded yours alot!! And I'm very jealous. I want to be in on that fort party!!!

kels said...

That last picture is soooo cute jen! I love it!

Chelan said...

Ella used to call it a "fart" and would request that we make one for her.

"Mom, I just really want to sleep in my fart tonight because it's so dark and warm and cozy. I just love farts."

We never corrected her. It was so funny! (And we're talking about a few months ago, not when she was two years old or anything.)