Monday, August 07, 2006

Julia Gulia (A Friday Night Special)

This post is for my good friend Julia who thought I should write about a friend who actually exists...

I met Julia last year when Chelan and I went to MOPS together and we all sat at the same table for the year. Since then we have both volunteered to help coordinate the MOPS program with other women for this year.

Hanging out with Julia is almost like being in heaven. Don't get me wrong. The other friends I have are amazing but I have not had one such as Julia. I'm pretty sure she would not call me a scrapbooking natzi because she is in her own right a natzi herself. OH, it's divine. We get together to work on a project and she says isn't that centered? I say no and she says you're right and we love each other all the more. We've spent five minutes arguing over what color paper to print with and we think it's fun.

I will say it is a lot easier for her anal retentiveness to be present because she cares for not three, not two, but uno childo! Let's trade kids for a week and see how she handles that chaos! Booyah back to ya! It's kind of funny to see how she handles my children's volume problems... She didn't think of Braden, her son, as quiet until today!

I'm thankful for Julia. And for all you who haven't met her, she really does exist... Chelan can vouch for me. By the way, this picture is of her and her husband, Mason, but I'm not sure he exists... I did talk to some male on the phone once... Maybe that was him! I'm sure I'll meet him soon. Those air force guys are always flying somewhere...

The superhero power I would wish for Julia would be Major Multitasker Mama. She could do amazing things if only she could do more than one thing at a time! Peace out!


tara said...

i have heard many a thing about this julia character, sounds nice. i like the comment about her thinking your kids are loud. sometimes i think i am autistic, i cant deal with loud noises, they make my instantly angry and want to hit people. maybe she and i could be friends...
(ps. i think you should know that even when eric hiccups loud, it makes me mad and i wack him)

Kyle, Marta and Darby said...

Julia sounds like a great person. Maybe I'll meet her someday.

We thought we were going to be able to stay the night with y'all Friday night but things have changed. Our little friend from Oregon who's going to LCU gets into Lubbock pretty early Saturday morning. So, unfortunately, looks like we are going to have to push thru all the way to Lubbock on Friday night. Yuck! I'd much rather stay the night with you and start fresh Saturday morning but I think we'll only be able to stay an hour or two depending on when we actually get out of Austin. Guess we'll just have to take what we can get, huh?

Bet you're glad to get your hubby home tomorrow... you're Wonder Woman to handle three kids alone for a week!

See you tomorrow!!

marmme said...

Hey, i have met Julia. She reminded me of Susan Skiles alittle bit. i liked her. Wow, you have a scrapbooking friend. That is awsome. they seem hard to find.