Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Nice Update

Well, this weekend was a nice one. We picked Emma up from school a little early and picked Aiden up from school and headed to Dallas. Ron was in town visiting Bryan and Tracey before they head to Africa next week so it was a great time to make one more trip to visit everyone. Emma and Graham have a great time being together. They laugh almost all the time. I'm pretty sure they were close to #1 on each other's summer highlights lists. We have really enjoyed getting to hang out with Bryan and Tracey and are so glad that we have been nearby during this furlough. We took the kids to a park near Bryan and Tracey's home to fish in a nice creek/pond/fountainy area (That's Bryan, his youngest son Owen, and Izzy in the picture above). I got the kids little kid fishing poles last month and this was our first experience using them with hooks on them. It worked out and nobody got hooked. Unfortunately, Isaac got a little wet when he fell in, but he survived which was good. We caught a lot of little fishies that we tossed back in. Izzy caught at least two. Most everyone caught at least one. It was very fun!

On Sunday, Ben threw up while preparing to speak and ended up having to stay home. I decided not to worry about taking my children to bible class where I would have to teach them and we ended up just going for worship. As I was putting the kids in the car another car drove into our driveway. Krista and Jason Hill popped up! I was like,"what the...?" Well, something like that... It was crazy! They popped in to see barfy Ben and then they came to church with kids and me (which they had already attended the previous hour for a bible class that Ben did not teach). Don't you see how this blogmunity ties us together? Those crazy kids thought, "Hey, we're in Abilene. Ben and Jen couldn't be too far. Surely we could find Sidney." And they did. We got to go to lunch together at Aaron Metcalf's favorite restaurant that just opened back up while Ben had toast at home. Needless to say, my weekend had a few more highlights than his...
For those of you who noticed, I bypassed the F.F.F.F. on Friday. Screw it. I blogged less once I started having to post every Friday, so I think it's in everyone's best interests that I talk about my friends on any day I please! I'll talk about you. Don't worry. It just might be on a Monday!


marmme said...

Hey, i've never been the first post before - i usually post weeks later when no one even knows to go and read it. This is great. You guys are like the most popular people in the world - everyone wants to come and see you - people even drive hours from Abilene or from Oklahoma or other places - so sad ben was throwing up and missing the party - I'm glad you just did church and took a break from teaching class. You deserve a break today and tomorrow and the next day too!

p.s. i getting my courage to go begin selling my zuccinni.


dodyb said...

marmme..I will be keeping my car doors locked!!!

Jen said...

Everybody wants to buy organic vegis! go, mom, go!

tara said...

i would totaly buy a vegi from my mom. but i dont think vegis ship well.
jen, rememeber when your house burned down last night?! that was the scariest night of my life! glad everyones ok! love you!!