Sunday, January 21, 2007

My going away poem

(Poems are a large part of our way of life. I know Adam would laugh at my atempt to honor his life. Please don't take offense. He wouldn't.)

Adam, you've been around the block
You've done fun things
You've climbed some rocks
You've skied, and hiked
You've fished and camped
You've made some goals and been the champ

You've had some jobs
Some fun, some not
You've had lots of roomates
some ugly, some hot
You've told some good stories
some bombed, some were great
You've stayed outside hangin'
with Ben until late

You played games with kids
like Emma, A, and Izzy
making them laugh and
making them dizzy
You bought Rail Baron and should us some fun
And taught us to play
Too bad I won

Sometimes you watched Survivor
with the Vartanians,Ben and I
We watched lots of West Wings
some even made us cry
We had lots of parties
with lots of our friends
Don't foget E.G.G.N.O.G.
The delight of all men

I could go on forever
about life in the NorthWest
but as we all know
some things are best
We couldn't stay around
to share with the rent
We had to move to Texas
so away we went

You couldn't survive without the Ries' close by
and so to Uganda you decided to fly
"I think I'll share Jesus with folks who don't know"
We thought, "He's trying to one up us."
"Adam, you ho!"

We were proud of your choice to go spread the Word
Your decision to leave was not too absurd
You worked in The Source Cafe and you served
a lot of Ugandans who neededto surf

You got to spend time with your brother and Kym
and sweet little Eli
who had all four limbs
You gained some more teammates
but not some more light
You had refrigeration for one day and one night

Then on a Tuesday some time after five
You had some car problems and your truck took a dive
Then Moses and you and one other guy
took a bad spill and you had to die

I know that you did all that you could
We just figured it'd be on the top of Mt Hood
Or maybe when you were old and gray
It's hard 'cause we didn't know this was the way

It sucks that you left
and we're all pretty pissed
We're also real sad
You'll definately be missed
But I will look forward
to that special day
that we'll meet again
Some other way...

Peace out, dude!

Your friend, Jen


Jason Hill said...

I like it.

Rizzle said...

When I die I would be honored to have people write funny poems in my memory...seriously. What better way to honor those whom you love than to reflect back to the world their humor and thier personality. When I die, honor me by making an ill timed joke at my funeral ok? Thanks.

Oh, and by the way, today at Renovatus we were able to take a moment to honor Adams life and pray for his family. It was short, but it was special. It just seemed like the right thing to do.

And to think, I didn't even know him that well!

Julia Stewart said...

love it - love you!

big hugs.....

tara said...

im a nerd, i just cried. im a nerd.

dodyb said...

beautifully said, Jen.

Marta said...

it's perfect, I love it

Amy Fennell said...

Perfect...........can't imagine another poem so....Adam. I figured out how to email myself a picture so I have him on my phone. It seems to help, just a little. I miss you dear friend and wish I was there -- just know my hugs are coming from those who are coming from here.

KK said...

I like it! You are a good friend!
Adam is lucky to have friends like ya'll. My prayers are with you. Both of your posts about Adam have helped me "get to know" him, you have a gift of sharing your friends Jen.

Praise God for the man of God Adam was. May we all long for Heaven a little more, and may we all learn from a life dedicated to sharing Jesus.

I love you, and my heart hurts for you.

Lori Ann said...

very nice.

Lynsey said...

I love it, Jen! I'm so glad you guys are all going to be together tomorrow! We'll be thinking about you all.

kaydub said...

* sigh *

Tracey Ries said...

I am thinking of you, Ben and Adam's family especially today. I've been in prayer for you often over the past week. Please know that you are loved!

Juan de grande said...

Thanks Jen, I'd like to think this is why God invented friendship.

myra said...

Adam would love that poem. It's great. I am so glad I finally got to meet you and your family.

It's too bad Adam had to die for that to happen.

Hope to see you again sometime. Maybe when you come to visit Kyle and Marta?