Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good news/Bad news

Good news:

Happy Birthday, Ben!

You are 29 today and I'm honored to have been born the same year as you. You have to admit it's not that many of us born at the end of 78 that were able to graduate from high school in 1996. So... lucky us! You're also a fantastic guy and I'm a better person having known you these 12 years. I hope this year brings you much more than you imagined it could. I love you!
Bad news:
I had a busy morning this morning and had some friends come over 45 minutes before I was suppose to meet Aiden at the bus stop. I made lunch, ate lunch, cleaned up a disaster and an hour after I was suppose to meet him I remembered him... He had to ride all the way back to school and wait in the office for me. To make matters worse his bus drives right past the church building on the rest of it's route and he started crying again when he saw it cause he knew his dad was in there. I felt horrible and cried as soon as I was out of the school office. It was so horrible and sad. Who forgets there kid a whole hour after the fact? Not five, ten minutes. An hour! I cried and carried him the whole way back to the car. The we sat in the car and he told me about the good day he had before I ruined it... Then he begged to go back home so he could play with his friends that were waiting. I suck.


Jen said...

I tried to make the words small again after the "happy birthday" but it obviously did not shrink back... whatever.

tara said...

aw crap. that is the saddest thing i have ever heard! but don't feel bad, remember all those times mom and dad left us at church? if i remember right, i'm pretty sure it was like every other sunday...maybe.

Kristen said...

Oh NO! I shared this story with Colt, and he said you shouldn't worry because Jesus' parents forgot Jesus in a whole other city... So, No worries!

Kaydub said...

Yeah, I blame Aiden's rotten day on me. We did forget you kids at church frequently. There were just so many of you guys to keep track of! Actually, Jen, you're not the firstborn. We left your older brother, Rodrigo, at church and never found him.

Kaydub said...

Ok, wait a minite - we did not forget you guys at church - hardly ever - maybe once. Gosh. But i did loose track of time and was realy late to pick up either Jen or Tara at school. But hey, Kirsten, thank you so much for reminding us all that Jesus' God chosen parents are kindred spirits. Besides, i think all kids get left at one time or another.


arwen said...

is B playing video games? ;)