Friday, January 25, 2008


I love being anal. Maybe it's even close to obsessive/compulsive... Really it's like a hobby! I love a clean sheet of paper. Don't fold it! IF you fold it you should only fold it in one direction, and you know which direction that is, and you better have a book to put it in so it doesn't get wrinkly. Then when you get home, assuming you did that out of desperation, you would recopy it into a neat notebook so that you can find the information when needed!

I don't like using two different pens on the same paper. I may have piles on my counter but they're straightened and square with the tiles. I haven' t done it in this house yet, but, I have organized my closet by sleeve length and color. (the first, then the second.) If you scrapbook with me, don't ask my honest opinion! I can always find something that doesn't suit me. It tortures me to look at my first scrapbooks.

I have a hard time being a good mom. I'd rather show them the right way to do it than have them learn by trial and error. It's hard to let them help me cook. I do actually do both of those things but I have to try hard. I also am better about always having to be right. I actually like letting my kids say something completely untrue and leaving it alone. Like, "This isn't the way to the church!" I just say, "okay." Or, "Those aren't your pants, they're dads." "Okay" (But what are they really saying?)

It's kind of funny, though, because I'm not like Bree on Desperate Housewives who irons her pillow cases and who's house is spotless. It's more of an ebb and flow. I can't keep up on my laundry for anything! BUT, when I put clothes away, I re-sort their drawers and take out things that are old or don't fit. I like things organized and want a spot for everything. I'm perfectly fine with throwing things away. I have a tub for saving special things of the kids' (papers and such), but if it starts getting full I'll go through and throw other less important things away. Both Ben and I love a spotless house but do we always do what it takes to maintain it? Not necessarily. That's why I just like to say being anal is my hobby! Is there anything anal you'd like to share that I would appreciate? Julia? Cheryl?


Kaydub said...

I love the whole anal hobby idea . . . familiar i think. One of mine is i love my new wood kitchen/fam room floor. Cause i can vacuum every piece of dog hair up- i can slide furniture around and vac under everything - when i am done vacuuming i am dog hair free!! mmm good. (at least in that room for a few minites)
I have random routines that i obsess about like for the last year (at least) for breakfast , i have 2 slices of 5 seed toast with real butter and cinnamon & sugar and a glass of ice cold mocha flavored milk. mmmm good.


Julia Stewart said...

Oh, there are so many I am not sure where to start.

For sure I do the laundry thing. Let it go for ages and ages and then organize and sort the closets ....

I also am a stickler about my car. I can't stand seeing a lone cheerio or cheddar bunny lying on the floor. I clean out the car each night.

My computer hutch is stacked with tons of paper and every weeked I sort through it.

But then I do really weird stuff like count when I brush Braden's teeth. 20 seconds for top left side bottom left side front top front bottom right top righ bottom. 6 sides 20 seconds each equals 2 minutes .... perfection

Priscilla said...

yes i agree...anal..but only as a hobby. if I were truly anal all the time my house would be spotless and organized all the time, but it's not. it comes and goes with whatever is going on in life. my only consistent obsession is that a certain part of my kitchen counter must always be clean and cleared off.

Anonymous said...

This is really an area for Bryan to comment on....he taught Isaac how to stack dishes last week. The man drives me crazy at times!!!

Can't wait to see Ben in a few days. I only wish that you could make the trip too!

Much love

Eric & Tara said...

I need my house to be CLEAN. It is not clean all of the time but no one sees it dirty. It will be spotless and clean when anyone comes over. And it makes me happy to know that they think my house is always clean.
I am anal about the food I cook. It has gotten a little ridiculous. I MUST make everything from scratch. No boxes. no mixes. No processed food. I try new gourmet recipes every week and it kills me when I make something simple. Although, I don't judge what others cook- I am more than happy to eat anything- I just have a strict little code for my own cooking. Eric thinks I am a smidge out of control.

Kaydub said...

If I go blind at this very instant, I'll still be able to open my bathroom drawer, pick up MY toothbrush, brush my hair with MY hairbrush, apply deodorant, spritz cologne and shave my face ALL because I obsessively put every thing in the proper place. Maybe it's obsessive or anal, but I think it's important to consider these things BEFORE a person goes blind.

Jen said...

what a great question. Will my anal tendencies be of assistance to me if I go blind? I mean, what better reason to be anal? It's always good to be prepared. The next question is, would being anal be of any assistance when I get cancer?

Eric & Tara said...

Um, Jen, please don't say, "WHEN" you get cancer.