Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bring on the snow!

We've been having snowfall off and on during the last week. It's been very cold but there hasn't been any accumulation until yesterday. It started before dark and we ended up with four to five inches! The kids had a two hour late start which meant Aiden wouldn't have school. I got Aiden and Izzy bundled up so they could play outside. They asked for stuff to make a snowman and, thanks to my mom, I have a snowman kit in the coat closet just waiting to be used! They were out there for a little bit and then came in asking for help. Being the great mom I am, I budled up and we made a great snowman together. They were done being cold by the time I grabbed the camera so we have no account of there presence... But they DID help! A lot! No lies.

It was fun! And when Ben gets home tomorrow he'll get to see some snow, even if the rest is melted by then.:)


Marta said...

I'm jealous! I wanna snow day here! Sounds like fun was had by all.

Ashtin said...
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Eric & Tara said...

Well isn't that just the cutest little snowman ever??

Kaydub said...

Dad and i have both been experiencing what we call "snow bitterness". Everywhere around us is snow - lots of snow but we have none! We have had flurries, yes - and even a dusting - but none to walk and crunch in.
But we find joy, jen , in seeing you and the kids (although invisible) and a very stylin snowman ! I'm also so impressed that you had your "snowman" kit was so available! You are so organized!