Friday, May 16, 2008

Ahhh... Refreshment

(Here's a glimpse of my little babies right now. There are others but they're still so young.)

The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the heat is alive and well. No sixty degree weather this weekend! Yesterday was beautiful, too. I spent the second half of the day going through our outdoor storage area and it is fabulous now. You can walk in, find what you need and not have to move and unpile boxes to find it. I've been wanting to go through it for so long but it's been so darn cold, I couldn't bear to get out there. Now I've got stuff for the consignment store and stuff for... some other store. there's only one "office" box that needs some going through. Easy peasy. Ben did the dishes yesterday but the kids' rooms have acquired "stuff" on the floor again. The laundry needs to be worked on and the living room vacuumed but all I can do is stand in the sun and look at my plants. I only have a little bit of dirt left so I potted one plant. I haven't been able to find any dirt yet without buying it "new" but I did go to Starbucks this morning and pick up three bags of grounds for my garden.
This morning was walk/ride to school day and wasn't it the perfect day? We live a little too far for my kids to walk the whole way without dieing on me and I don't trust them yet with their road safety to ride bikes, nor is Aiden capable without training wheels now. So we drove halfway and parked and walked the rest of the way. It was fun. They had a table at the bike racks and they gave the kids a healthy morning snack and they entered their name into a raffle for a few "bike" prizes. Then Izzy and I stayed and ate breakfast with the kids. It was a little silly that we chose this day because we didn't actually eat with them at all. They have been serving breakfast at school a few days a week for the last few months. They are really proud of themselves and so am I. It was great to be able to watch them work in the kitchen and get people their cinnamon rolls.

Have a fabulous day today. Soak up the sun!


Eric & Tara said...

It sounds like everything is glorious at your house! Everything is glorious at mine as well- because I leave for Ethiopia in 5 days!!!!!!

JJJ said...

Hey, thanks for checking out my blog, too! The best gardening book we have found is Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades by Steve Solomon and it has been a great help for us. Try checking it out at the library!