Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our Tenth Anniversary

We've reached ten years of marriage! Thursday through Saturday we spent time in Victoria Canada together. My mom came up to take care of the kids. We borrowed a car which also happened to be a Mustang Convertible... The weather was great on the way there so we had the top down for some of the trip. I think this was my record shortest and easiest border crossing. He didn't even get his hands on our IDs, asked where we were going and why. When Ben said it was our tenth anniversary he said, "Did you marry her when she was five?" and waved us on through. We laughed for a while! We accidentally let our car die and had to get it jumped before we boarded the ferry. We stayed in a fantastic Bed and Breakfast Inn in the Penthouse suite. The Innkeepers were very kind and were always going out of their way to do things for us and told us any information we wanted to know and more. We went out to eat Thursday evening. Friday we were served an amazing breakfast. I felt like I was living in Food Network land! The plating was lovely and the taste, delightful! During the morning we walked across the street to the Government House which sits on 16ish acres of beautiful gardens and groves of trees. Since our breakfast was so big we snacked and had a meal at about 4:00 at a very nice seafood restaurant. At 7 we went and saw Indiana Jones. It was a lot of fun! Saturday we started with another fabulous breakfast and then headed to the Butchart Gardens. I hadn't been ever so I was glad to finally get there. We had reservations for high tea around noon. It was fabulous. WE headed for the ferry in our convertible and absorbed some more sun before boarding the ferry one last time. I couldn't have asked for a better Anniversary! I am so thankful to have my husband. I feel so blessed that he chose me to spend the rest of his life with. We have had a great and very eventful ten years of marriage. Thanks to all of you who have been involved in our life and have loved us. We are surrounded by so many wonderful people!

This is the bedroom part of our suite with a view of Victoria at our feet.

This is at the Government House.
The Innkeepers had this waiting for us when we came back from our movie.
This is the sunken garden at the Butchart Gardens.

All the rest are also at the Butchart Gardens.


Rizzle said...

congratulations. What a great trip. I love marriage, it was like God's best idea ever besides giraffes.

Ben said...

Love you, babe!

Love, Christy said...

Congratulations on 10 years! I am so glad you had such a wonderful trip, and the pictures are amazing!!! What a fun time! I really have been needing to call you to say "hi". Talk to you soon!!!

kels said...

wow, ten years! i cant believe it! congrats guys! i miss you and cant wait to see you and the kiddos again. we miss you in abilene, but we're glad your back in the NW!

Eric and Cheryl said...

Happy 10 years!!!! I'm glad you had a wonderful time, your pictures are beautiful as usual.

Love you!

Chezam said...

I like that place... I think I'll go there in four years when we have our tenth anniversary. :)

you didn't drink that wine did you? that would be a sin.

Marta said...

Happy Anniversary and congrats on ten years! So happy y'all were able to take a trip together. Those pics are awesome.... I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys had a good trip! Its always fun taking the ferry to Victoria BC. Those Pictures of Butchart Gardens are really well taken and edited. I hope you guys get to come back sometime and maybe check out a travel guide for Victoria BC.

Happy 10th!

Midge said...

lolz.... marry her when she's 5... good one. :D

Priscilla said...

Happy Anniversary! I really liked the miniature food they serve at high tea at Butchart gardens! Glad you had such a fun celebration!

Xana said...

Happy 10th! I can't believe you guys have been married that long. I knew you as babies! Not really but almost! :) You still look the same - so young! How do you do it? Congrats and I can't wait to read about your 25th! :) I love Victoria too! Perfect place to go for an anniversary.


I am coming out of the lurking closet so to speak. Love reading your blog.

JJJ said...

Congrats on 10 years!

I stumbled onto your blog from Frugal Granola's blog.

We, too are celebrating 10 years this August. We live in Oak Harbor of all places and lived in B'ham for 10 years. Funny how the world gets small even though so much is out there on the web. Check out my blog if you want!

Congrats, again!
(Oh, and Victoria, what a lovely place... I grew up in Port Angeles and went "across the water" all the time!)