Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I finally have new pictures of my kids. Yes, dad that's what will be with your Father's Day card... We did them all while Ben was out of town and got them back right before Father's Day. You'll have to go to Jen's Photography blog on the side there to check 'em out! There are a few of Aiden that I think look like my dad when he was a kid!


Eric and Cheryl said...

Great pictures Jenn! I would like copies sometime. Super excited for you to go on mission trip, I know you will have a blast! If your mom needs me to have the kids next week, I can.
We leave Friday for a camping trip but would love to have them come play one day before that.
Talk soon!

Kaydub said...

Beautiful! And who was the skilled photographer on that amazing shot?

Mom said...

Looks like you had a great time....what amazing shots. I have always thought the GC was one of, if not the most, amazing natural wonder in the world. I thought it interesting to note that Ben picked up the habit of Kabiye male hand holding while in Togo!
Enjoyed seeing the kids while they were here....Mom