Monday, June 09, 2008

What do you think of?

When I say "bagel" what's the first thing that comes to mind?

What about "rain"?

We played this game at the dinner table tonight. It went something like this...
I: Som

D: pickle
A: tickle

D: plant
E: pot


D: cup
I: nup

D: elephant
A: peanut

D: fork
E: knife

D: boob
M: milk

D: light switch
I: night slitch

D: trash can
A: trash

E: light
D: bulb

D: shirt
M: cold

A: giraffe
D: walrus

We laughed every time Izzy did a rhyming word. Even after all the examples she had she said, "I just like rhyming!"
It was fun to play with them. The last game we played was telephone and Aiden kept getting mad when it would get messed up. Emma kept trying to explain that that is why it's fun to play. Sometimes we sing at the table, too. And then there's the times when we say, "Stop playing! It's time to eat!"

Just a dinner table for the effect... It's from last years Valentine's Day.


Julia Stewart said...

i miss that dinner table in Syndey :-(

and the people who sit around it too.... duh!

Eric & Tara said...

Haha. I laughed alot at this funniness! Izzies were hilarious. Sometimes a girls gotta rhyme!

Eric & Tara said...

Night slitch...LOL...

Anonymous said...

Cream Cheese!

What a great table time memory!

Kaydub said...

How'd you guys get so playful?