Tuesday, June 17, 2008

End of School

Friday was the kids' last day of school. There's mixed emotions, of course. I don't have to wake up to an alarm, thank heavens. But I'm with my wonderful children every moment of the day... All the arguments, the crying, the... fill in the blank. I am planning on having specific things for us to do during the day, fun things and things to help them learn and retain the things they've been working on at school. But this week I am trying to get caught up on my poor cleaning practices as of late because we'll be heading out of town on Saturday. Ben and I are going with the teens, as well as East County C of C, to Tuba City, Arizona for a mission trip through next Saturday. My kiddos will be going to my mom's for the week. So, I'd like to leave my house in state of orderliness as well as get all the laundry done that's backed up. And pack for 4 people.

But the point of this post was to show pictures of Aiden's kindergarten graduation and their last day of school.

Waiting to come in.
"Everybody wave to your parents. "
His kindergarten class
Getting another wave in
Great participation
Hammin' the cam
Special presentation
Good thing his mother never got distracted...
More good participation
"Thank you for coming. Thank you . Thank you." A nice bow.
The diploma
A picture of the kids with each of their teachers.


Eric & Tara said...

Why am I so amazed at how old and mature Emma is...with every single blog post??
I love how proud A looks! Little sweety is basicly the cutest ham I know.
And my fave is Izzies teacher. He truly is a role model. :)

Julia Stewart said...

I almost didn't recognize Emma! What a difference a year makes!

Eric and Cheryl said...

love the pictures of the kids, Aiden is getting so tall like his daddio. Emma is getting so grown up, like Kaylin. Are we old enough to have these super mature girls???? It's starting to scare me! And that precious Izzy, she is just a little doll face.

Midge said...

why is it that your kids are growing up? Seriously. I know I say this all the time, but since when does Emma walk? Really. And what happened to Aiden's chubb? And that other one? Izzy? Who IS that!?
... its like I hardly know you or something ;)
You got a couplea cute kids there, J... real cute kids.

Kaydub said...

Personally, I don't know why everyone is so surprised that your kids are cute and mature! 'Makes perfect sense to me, Jen.
Aiden looks SO great; so proud; so big!
All goes well with the kiddos. Liberty the Grandog is an intimidating lick-fest for Izzy. Other than that, all is well!