Friday, October 17, 2008

Ben's conversation

So, the following is Ben's conversation with Aiden that he quickly wrote down so as not to forget anything. This conversation happened on the way back to the house from the bus stop. Izzy was there, too.

A: Dad, Jayden likes to have sex with naked girls. ( this kid is a 2nd grader.)
A: repeats
D: Who told you that?
A: Some people at school.
D: Aiden what does sex mean?
A: Oh... it's know...I don't know. What is it? (laughing)
D: Buddy, sex is something that only married people should do and I don't think it's appropriate to talk about with your buddies at school.
A:Yeah! You and mom have sex all the time, right?
D:Well, not as much as I like.
A: (laughing) Yeah!
I: Dad, what is sex?
D: Aiden, what did you do today at school?
A: Ah, nothing!

Dad thinks to himself... "Crisis averted!"

So Ben wimped out of that one but, I promise you, I have had to have this conversation many times with all of my children. I have come to realize that trying to discuss these matters with them when they are these ages seems pointless! They don't remember what we talk about at all! I have had some pretty decent explanations, too! But, don't ask for them! That's what your parents are around for. Jeesh!


Bryan & Tracey said...

I have had many of these sex conversations too! It's true they don't really remember the content of the discussions. Just when I think that I really handled the situation directly and without embarrassment the topic comes up again. I got a good laugh out of this story! Poor Jayden though.

Marta said...

oh my! That's hilarious!

Stephanie said...

That is too funny! We have not had to have these conversations yet, but we have had plenty of certain anatomy conversations!

Kaydub said...

Ben - great question - (asking aiden "what does sex mean?" - so often we answer a question they aren't really asking!! : )