Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pumpkins! (Edited)

Izzy had her second field trip of the year to the Pumpkin Patch. Not the coolest patch ever or anything but they did have a hay maze.

Who doesn't like a good pumpkin? Carving an intricate picture and displaying in with delicate candle light. I discovered some fake pumpkins last year at the thrift store and actually carved one this year. Greatest thing ever. My creation will never spoil. It remains beautiful and unfuzzy! We haven't carved the rest of our pumpkins yet but that post will be forthcoming!

I've added a picture of my pumpkin from our Texas time. It had two sides. Too bad I don't have digitals of some of my best work!


jess said...

Remember when you carved a little fetus? That was the coolest.

Jen said...

I also thought Mike Wazowski from Monsters Ink was pretty cool! Too bad I don't have digital pictures of those!

Kaydub said...

Last year, dad carved 10 little pumpkins and put them over each yard light - each with a different face.
the new idea i heard about this year is to use your Mr. Potato head pieces and put them on your pumpkin!


Jen said...

They're actually selling pumpkin face parts! Our neighbors have them and they're very cute. :)