Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Inevitable!

I had conferences with Aiden and Emma's teachers which were very pleasant. My kids won't be expelled any time soon and their teachers like them and all so that's great.

My son is like me. I figured someone would be and they all are in some ways but... Aiden gets distracted easily. All through my elementary years my teachers would say over and over, "Jennifer gets distracted easily and she needs to stop talking to the people around her." Some people aren't as fun as me. Can I help it if there's something more important going on? Aiden has a hard time completing his work. How odd! One generally hopes that others copy the more positive aspects of ones character but inevitably they'll do the opposite. Not like he had a choice in the matter but I have cursed him. I give him no excuse by any means but it is one thing he'll have to work on all his life. Too bad.


enjoy-rs said...
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Anonymous said...
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Mberenis said...
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Kaydub said...

Holy cow! What was all that?!!

At any rate, yeah, that sounds rather familiar. Frankly, Jenner, I'm rather proud that Aiden is like his mother! I think you turned out quite remarkably!

Kara Deal said...

Yeah, I agree with your dad! YOu were one of my most fun friends! It was always interesting and if you veered onto a topic I thought was boring... you were easily swayed into another one! I have to admit... I sometimes did it on purpose, for my own selfish amusement! But hat's one of the things that makes you so great and my memories of you so wonderful!!!!!

Although... did you ever notice that when you were singing a song... it was near impossible to distract you? YOu HAD to finish the song... That was always great too! I remember trying to talk to you and you singing and singing and I would finally just jump right in and sing with you!

Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!

Jen said...

Sorry about all that crap. I'll have to change my settings!