Saturday, May 30, 2009

I used to be funny!

I think I've been a lot funnier lately. Maybe because life has calmed down for me emotionally or maybe the people around me are in better moods. Who knows? I do make Ben laugh a lot more these days and that feels absolutely fantastic. :) I was searching through my blog and was noticing that I made myself laugh in almost every post. Then I thought, "Why am I not so funny on my blog?" So I make a commitment to you, you people who read less and less frequently because I write less and less frequently. This is blog is for me to have fun writing, to be witty and amusing and I commit to remember that! I love you, readers, but even more, I love myself and I will act like it.
Here's a funny picture just for fun...


Eric and Tara said...

LOL. I'm just glad that you love yourself. That's funniness at it's best, right there.

kevin said...

I've always laughed and laughed when i read your posts. Of course, i'm the mother but seriously, i do not laugh at things that are not funny - i value truely funny people and i can honestly say that all 6 of my children are the funniest people i know. Well, accept for dad, of course.

Chelan said...

You probably haven't been as funny because I haven't been being funny either. I've been a little absent from blogland. Jen, how can anyone expect you to be funny if the world is tilting off its axis? (This happens when I'm not blogging.)

I've been trying to organize my life. It's happening slowly.

(Perhaps you've been organizing too?)

Being funny while organizing a life is no simple task.

You have inspired me to laugh more today! I, too, commit to being funny again! (Not in competition, but in partnership with you.)

Jen said...

Chelan, Thank you for your partnership. I need you.