Tuesday, April 18, 2006

How Shall I Begin?

What started out as an honest mistake may turn out to be a new revolution for me... My brother has a blog. He's funny so I chose to bookmark his blog so I could grab some ten second entertainment on the ocassional dreary day. The few times I've responded Ben's name has appeared as the responder because he had registered and I had not. Today I thought,"I'll register, too." Did I know I was actually creating my own blog? I figured it out rather quickly and I thought to myself,"Maybe it's time..." Perhaps I will be the only one to visit washmydishesblogspot but I think I will be okay with that. For now let's just try the good ol' milk logo of yesteryear and end with "Pass it on". Let's spread the love to all those folks who wish someone would do their dishes. You know you'd love it!

1 comment:

Jen said...

I'll comment on my own post because I think it's important to have your first post commented on.
I just want to wish you good luck and I hope that you think of lots of witty things to say. My blessing for you... May lots of people read your blog everyday and may you come to know what it truly means to be a great blogger.