Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This is Aiden

This is my middle child. He is my daily entertainment. He lives in a world that mostly doesn't exist. It's true. He talks about his school, his teacher, his friends, and fun activities. Sounds normal, but none of them exist. Does he talk about the friends he actually has? No, only people that are never in contact with him. Does he attend school? No, not even daycare. One time I took him past a place that might have been his school and as far as he is concerned, it's his. Know what no school means? That's right, no teacher. But, boy do they do fun things! Is he a deprived child? No. We do fun things ocassionally but everybody he has conversations with think that he goes to the zoo all the time and that watching the penguins dance is the funniest thing ever. There are no penguins at the Abilene Zoo!
Off the top of my head, his favorite things to talk about are:
-Getting candy from his teacher at school.
-His free pizza day at school.
-A boy named Jacob who went to McDonalds with him, stabbed him with a fork, tried to eat his skin, and spit it out because it was gross.
-The zoo, of course.
-And lastly, the scary monster that lives in his ear.
Some people have monsters in their closets but not my son. It's in his ear. Usually it only comes up at bedtime but not today. We were driving in the car and I was trying to identify an unusual sound. First, he offered that it might just be the air conditioner, of which I protested. His conclusion, then, was that it was obviously just the monster in his ear.
This is but a taste of the inner workings of my four year old son. Posted by Picasa


kaydub said...

You kill me, Jen! Weidegartner! Aiden! Pizza!

Keep that charming and creative kid away from that Jacob punk.


kaydub said...

Ummm ... I mean Jacob is a jerk, not you and CERTAINLY not me!

Anonymous said...

How about you stop wasting time and get your ass back in the kitchen.

I am sure you have some dishes to wash.

I need to have a talk with Ben about his authority issues

Rizzle said...

is ben posting anonymously?

jocelyn said...

I miss hearing Aiden's funny stories! Welcome to blogworld! I'm putting you as a link on mine, so know that you will have me as a faithful reader! I can't wait to hear more about what your wonderful kids are doing! And can't wait to see you guys in just a couple of months!

Talk to you soon!

Christy said...

Jennifer, you are so stinking funny! I guess I never knew you were such a good writer! I laughed out loud reading this! I will be checking it on a regular basis, so keep it up! Aiden never fails to keep me laughing!! I miss you!! And you know if I was there, I would gladly do your dishes! : )

dodyb said...

Umm just a thought Jen...he is the son of Ben and the grandson of Kev. Could it you think..maybe...he has no choice?

tara said...

dodyb has an amazing point, it is something that might just run deep in his blood. like a force not to be reckoned with. jen+tara=sitas4eva

arwen said...

ok, so Jess keeps telling me all these stories about Aiden and I just don't believe them. And this Isabel person? I don't think she exists. The last time I saw Aiden (or remember seeing him) was at Giant Church one time at the convention center and I don't think he was much for standing at that time. So, all these stories (the peanut butter in the bed is my favorite) I just don't believe...

KK said...

hey Jen! I love you and we live close. I will be in your town in 5 weeks and I want to see you! Maybe we could be friends again? (Iknow, I know... friendship never ended... just a geography thing!)

Tell the husband hi, and maybe you can meet my "the husband"!

Love you, Kara

KK said...

oh, cute story about the son, and I concur with dody... he doesn't have a choice!

Love you again, Kara

Jess said...

Sometimes Aiden is the funniest little man I have ever met. I love that guy.

Jen said...

I better post again soon. It takes a while to scroll all the way down this sucker. Kara, Are you livin' in Texas? When are you coming and why? Sure, we can be friends. I always did like you... Peace.