Friday, April 28, 2006

What Will I Choose?

Can I just comment on the title of my blog page? Every day I have the choice to live for something or to simply exist. I'm sure it's hard for many people, but I find it difficult to live purposefully. I have to focus intensely to remember that I'm living for a certain reason and I forget every five minutes. It's very exhausting. I can plan to live intentional and make lists and think of very specific ways to live out my days. I can get excited and passionate about striving to be more than I am right now, wanting to be the hands and feet of Jesus to my children and my husband, but I lose focus so quickly. I obviously need power from a higher source so I suppose that the more time I spend with Jesus, the more I'll become like him, and the more I'll live , truly live. I laugh like Ben, I use the same phrases as Chelan, and I find myself repeating the things my children say. I do that because I spend a lot of time with those people. I want to talk like Jesus. I want to step in the same places he steps. I want to be a copy cat. I want to live, not just exist. How do you choose to live?


Rizzle said...

I've often thought about such things. I mean, I've got such great plans, such good intentions. But in the end I just go into routine, which usually means I do nothing that I had intended. It's very frustrating thing, and I think that you're right in saying that the answer lies in putting that energy toward chillin' with JC. There is great power in that idea I think. I wonder what I'd do or look like...probably like Jesus (hopefully with a good beard. I need help in that area).

Lori Ann said...

Hi Jen~
I am so glad I found your blog!
I can't believe how the kids have grown!
Tell Emma and Mr. Ben Hi.
WE miss him on Tuesdays, nothing against John, but I can only sing Johnny Jump Up so many times!!
Lori CLark

kaydub said...

There's much I do not know, but I can speak with confidence about how I feel about the way my three children turned out.

Lisa said...

I have these great ideas and things I need to pray about, great plans I have made that just seem so perfect God would be proud... Im really just an idiot pretending to have this whole life thing figured out. My life is ridiculously routine and boring, with a few fun and exciting moments thrown in, but its often finding time for God that comes last on the list and rarely gets done. Its disappointing and discouraging. Yesterday at church though in the sermon, the point was made that to be a living sacrifice, doesn't mean we have to sacrifice animals or all desires, but its in the way you live your life. So, even though its been a million years since we've spent time together, I am sure that you live your life as a living sacrifice, as you choose to serve your children and husband faithfully. Its not about the big decisions that are life changing, but the daily ones we make to reflect who we live for.