Sunday, November 02, 2008


We had a Harvest Festival at our church building again this year but didn't have it on Halloween night. It was a huge success which is always exciting.

So let's recap. Last year's Halloween was spent at the building. The year before we drove to a few people's houses from church around Sidney and they got some candy and showed off their costumes. The year before we did some trick-or-treating but not with Ben because he had a class on Halloween night in Abilene. And before that Izzy was a baby and we had something at the church. So, this year our family all went out together for the first time to our neighbor's houses. We had a lot of fun together and met some neighbors we hadn't met yet. Too bad we didn't do that last year because now we won't actually be their close neighbors... Our kids really had a fun time.

We threw a late Halloween Party for the Swiss Ries today and I'll post pictures of the table spread later. I'll also post our Halloween dinner. We had bat meatloaf and mashed potato ghosts and Green Goblin Gool squeezed from the heart of a vampire (otherwise known as green lemonade). I had a mashed potato moon instead. Pictures forth coming. :) I just thought it would be nice for them to have a full stomach before going out to collect candy. And what's more exciting to eat than shapes?


Kara said...

Oh my gosh, Jen. Emma looks JUST like you when you were her age. Flashback! :-D

Eric and Tara said...

Nothing is more exciting than eating shapes. Nothing.

The kids all look great!! Their too big for my liking but look great nonetheless. :) I love that Emmers is a chearleader- a girl after my own adolesent heart. Remember how I always wanted to be someone pretty for Haloween- a cheerleader, a french maid, a genie....
I think it is funny and a bit wierd that all adult costumes have to be super sexy these days. I understand the sexy kitten or sexy devil, whatever, but really, a sexy pilgrim or a sexy ghost? Those aren't sexy, you mind as well be a sexy doorknob or a sexy ball point pen.

(do you like how many times I said sexy?)


Kaydub said...

Yeah, Emma's pic startled me ... and so did Izzy's! With her hair up, she looks SO OLD!

Kaydub said...

they all do look so old! Aiden must have been working out cause i don't remember his muscles being that big!!! I remember the days of Aiden being a potato and Izzy being a cloud. Sweet times.

Well done on the festive "harvest" meal!