Thursday, November 06, 2008

What would you get with Fifty Bucks?

Okay, really quick I have to tell you about Aiden.

His Uncle Andy bought all his Imaginext from him and he made $50. We asked him what he was going to buy and he said he wanted an XBox. We told him he didn't probably have enough for an XBox but we would look on line to see what we could find. The very next morning he asked me if he could get his money because he wanted to buy something at the book fair at school. It's a good thing to purchase but we already knew what he really, really wanted and he was probably going to need every penny. I told him no and he was very sad and mad because it was his money. Later that morning I walked into his room to find that he had snuck and gotten his money and taken all his fifty dollars to school with him. I called the school and talked to the secretary who took a message for his teacher to call me and that he was not allowed to buy things with his money. It was too late. He was in the office with his teacher when they called me back and he had one dollar left. Despite his disobedience, he was very thoughtful and bought things for Emma as well as two books for Izzy. They kept his purchases there and got Emma's things from her until I could get there to see if we could get his money back. He came home from school and started weeping. It was the saddest thing. He just hid amongst boxes and cried and cried. It was so sad. For the time being I wanted to just comfort him and help him understand that he had decided what he was going to buy already but it comforted him little. I immediately looked on line to see what we could find. We found an XBox and a PS2 for $35 total. When Emma got out of school we painfully returned everything as Emma cried and Izzy cried about the things they couldn't have any more. It was really horrible. When it was time to pick up the XBox we had to have the conversation about his dishonesty and sneakiness and because of that he was going to have to tuck his XBox away until Sunday when we move to our new house. He cried a lot more but was still pretty happy to have the XBox in his hands. Whew! What a hard and sad lesson to learn and it affected a number of different people. Sunday is just around the bend and now he has games just waiting for him.


Eric and Cheryl said...

Very sweet story! That is such a hard lesson but good. Kaylin would love to spend every dime she gets immediately but we have a new rule with her that she has to keep it for 30 days before she can spend her money. Its no surprise that usually she forgets about all the things she wanted and the waiting makes her be more careful about how she spends it.

What games did you guys get? We have about 5 Xbox games sitting in a pile to go to salvation army, if you want them I can send them to you. Let me know! When are you moving into your new place. I want to see more pictures. :)

Jason Hill said...

Money pretty much ruins your life.

Kaydub said...

Wow, what an experience to go shopping at a book fair with $50 to spend!!! Of course, unfortunately the whole guilt thing ruins so much possible fun.

A good story, Jen.

RogueComment said...

So the lesson is; instead of taking his own money to buy books for him and his siblings, you reversed his decision to share with his family, took back the money and bought him an Xbox?

What exactly are you trying to teach him? Here is a list of things he may have learned;

1) He has no responsibility for his actions b/c mommy and daddy can undo anything he does.
2) Always think of yourself first. It's better to buy for yourself than to share with anyone else.
3) Disobeying has a mandatory 5 day waiting period for anything electronic.
4) TV and video games are more valuable than books.
5) Games are more fun than reading.
6) Books are boring.
7) Buying books will results in punishment.
8) Mom and dad think books are a waste of money.
9) Books are for chumps.
10) Video games are a better way to spend time than reading with your siblings.

Like the other people said, a hard lesson, but worth it right?

RogueComment said...

Oh, forgot to mention. Love the soft core profile picture.

Kaydub said...

Yikes! Rogue, you need to lighten up ... or go have a child of your own ... or at least identify yourself, cowardlooserpatheticdweeb.

The Grandpa

Jen said...

How sweet. Roguecomment wanted to comment on my blog!

We are actually avid readers and purchase books for our children and allow them to purchase books for themselves as well. Our children are very thoughtful and rarely need the extra lesson to be as such. He has not had many opportunities to deal with money and his decisions are pretty spontaneous and thought it was a learning experience to decide what he would like and work towards that goal. We have not been an electronic family so have already reinforced our values and what is most important. Thanks for you concern (in a most unconcerned way) but, although awkward and sad, it was a decision I would make over again.