Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dressing Up!

Dress up clothes are great. Children pretend to be someone and use their imaginations. We have acquired a good amount of dress up clothes and it's paying off! Good 'ol grandma made Aiden a fireman costume two years ago. He's been a fire man two years in a row because he loves it. Guess what he wants to be this year? You guessed it. Good thing she made it big! Two years ago Emma was Cinderella. Last year she was Jasmine. This year she would like to be Cinderella or Jasmine! Very inexpensive. Two years ago Izzy was a ballerina, leg warmers and all. Last year not only was she a dinosaur but also a lion! This year she will be a ballerina but with a new costume... from our dress up clothes! Easy as pie! How long will this last? Maybe forever!


Chezam said...

My kids aren't inexpensive yet... soon we'll be recycling Halloween costumes I'm sure. This year however, we found a bunch that were warm, wide range of sizes, and only $14 a costume at Old Navy. Ella will be a lion... Miles a monkey.

PS. Who's that adorable little pixie on the left with the killer pink boots on?

kels said...

hey that picture was taken in my dorm last year:) I miss you guys so much! Love you, give the kiddos a kiss for me:)

Eric & Tara said...

I am afraid I am going to be the bad mom who won't let the kids be the same thing over and over...it is too boring for me. But you my sister, are the good mom who lets her children decided for themsleves what they would like to be. I will strive to be like you.

Jen said...

Oh , I would try to control them if I could! They have opinions which really makes me mad! I really have the best ideas and know more than all of them put together! All it gets me is a yelling match with Emma and lots of grumpy, ugly people... Fine have it your dumb way! That's really how I feel. Control them while you can, Tara. It's the best!