Saturday, October 06, 2007


Whatever! Here's eight things about me. (At least I don't have 100 things like my friend Ike. However, they were very interesting!)

1. I don't like running errands.
2. I never try different things on before I decide what to wear.
3. I use my bread machine at least twice a week.
4. I now realize the joy of having sun 90% of the year. I find joy in other things now...
5. I think I would read books on tape if I knew how to get an "in".
6. I overwhelm myself with a love of arts.
7. Candles keep me sane 1/2 the year.
8. I don't have one completed journal. But I do have many partial ones.


tara said...

You would be a great book reader! Remember when you used to be the only who wanted to read out loud when we read books like, "This Present Darkness" Ah, good memories of you reading...

Jess said...

Jen I like you.

And as far as an "in" on books on tape, the library has like thousands of them. I think one year when I was younger my family read over 200 books on tape in one year (we had a long car trip living in Yacolt) and they all came from the library. They weren't children's books either. That's where I read most of my classic novels and things like that.
Also, podcasting is an idea. Sometime Ryan I stream Irwin McManus' or Rick McKinley's talks from itunes and listen to those while we clean our house or fold laundry. Free and can you beat that.