Friday, October 12, 2007

Ode to Annie

For those of you who have not heard, Aaron and Chelan's lab, Annie, was hit by a car this week and had to be put to sleep. May she be honored by these words.

Good Dog

An Ode
She knew me and loved me
Sometimes she just peed
She barked at Paul Neilson
But never did breed

She loved going hiking
And swimming and fetching
As long as she drank water
There was little retching

Aaron complained about
wanting more dogs
Chelan said "no way"
More hair would just clog
(their vacuum)

But she came when he whistled
She was there in a jiffy
She was the perfect sized dog
And looked mighty spiffy

She traveled 'cross country
to remain with the fam
Her loyalty exceeded
the wishes of man

She layed next to Ella
And then next to Miles
She came when he called her
And it made him smile

Poor Annie went running
After one sweet lil kitty
and the site that occurred
did not look so pretty

We thank God for doggies
who make our lives good
And know he brings comfort
Just like he should

We'll always remember
that cute little dog
and remember the times
that we shared with her
Thanks, God!


Jason Hill said...

This breaks my heart a little bit.

Carolyn said...

Wonderful! I just read Chelan's blog this a.m. and cried and commented and now your's. A sad/happy Saturday morning. Last Saturday morning was all happy and a little crazy. Annie was helping me take care of Ella and Miles. I keep reminding myself, she was all about good times. I'm so grateful that Aaron and Chelan have friends of the heart like you, and, yes--although it pains me to admit it--Ben too.

Chrity said...

Another amazing Jen glad you continue to keep up the tradition!!

Anonymous said...

Like Aaron, Annie was a good little bitch!

Chezam said...

Thanks Jen...

Kaydub said...

Deep sigh. Great dogs & grat poems.